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Another reason I like the album is much of it is guitar based. Its almost back to Bella Donna roots. The Wild Heart took a turn of giving the guitar a back seat and keyboards were the driving force of the album. On RAL drums took a back seat while the drum machine took over. OTSOTM was a bounce back but definitely also had an 80's synth vibe. Street Angel is a back to the roots album with guitars, real drums, and even some country feel to some of the songs. Stevie rocks on a few songs too. This is the last album and tour for the classic Stevie rasp sound. It was still good for Timespace but got flat and nasal.
Because it was not much of a commercial success Stevie hates it and so do many others. I rarely like when Stevie sings other people's songs. Maybe only liking SDMHA but I really like Maybe Love Will Change Your Mind. She really puts heart into it and its very authentic IMHO. The music is fine too. Its like a bouncy ballad. Shocked it never even cracked the top 40. I do appreciate Stevie stuck to her roots and did not venture out into the current pop of the moment like she did for RAL. Could you imagine an Ace of Base version of Street Angel
I dont care for Unconditional Love. Its not a Stevie song and not worthy of this album let alone the prime real estate of first song, second side. I read once this was supposed to be the first single. I really dislike the song to almost hating it. I also dont care for the Bob Dylan remake Just Like A Woman. The title track is meh. Its rare when Stevie sings about social causes. Its a worthy attempt but not in the winning circle. Kick it needs more "kick" for me to like it. Its mediocre at best. Destiny is ok. Docklands is ok. Not sure why people freak out over the word laundromat
I wish I got to see this tour because her band was excellent and she rocked. I had just moved to West Palm Beach and while never officially announced, the next leg of the tour was supposed to be south and go through Florida. There was a brand new theater in downtown called the Kravis theater she was supposed to play 2 nights. Good gosh Stevie playing small theaters. But that never happened and she was pissed with her weight, lack of success of sales, and concert venues. But it was the tour to see IMHO. For the first time maybe ever, Stevie not performing under the influence and IMHO, it showed.

Now for my cheezy memory. When I got this album, I had just moved into a small 1 bedroom apt and from the balcony it had this small lake view. I would tell myself, oooh, I've got a movie star view.

My favorite lyrics from the album are from Love is like a river. It starts out so confrontational and I love it. Nothing in your life changes and its a smart ass crack at herself must have many things to remember.....everything in your life is the same and does not change. LOVE THESE LINES. I relate to them especially when someone calls you wild and you reply "Compared to what lifestyle?"

You used to call me wicked
I used to call you friend
They say your life is wild
Compared to what... lifestyle
You must have many things... to remember
Cause nothing else in your life has really changed
Everything is almost... like it was before
And I don't want to do this... anymore
Christine on Stevie 1984: "10 years ago she really had her feet on the ground but she seems to have developed her own fantasy world, somehow, which Iím not part of. We donít socialize much."

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