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It may not be the most beloved album of Stevie's career, but listen to the voice on the tour, and the album for that matter- House of Blues for example, the strength and tone is incredible. She turns in consistently wonderful vocals. Early 90's from the BTM tour to Rick Vito's solo album, were among the best of her career, so strong and smooth. I'm in the camp of loving the album despite its flaws. Two or three bad song choices and poorly placed background vocals which are annoying. Blue Denim, Greta, Kick It and Listen to the Rain are all great, part of the vocal on the title track is quite good. Docklands was just not the right song for her and Love is Like a River needed serious work to make it the great song that lied beneath the poor performance. I don't get the hate for Just Like A Woman- she is clear voiced and smooth throughout. Alicia on the forum made an excellent point about Jane, with the amazing chorus she could've blended in several strong Janes beside Goodall- Wyman, Mansfield, the Jane in the Starship song et al to make a great tribute to the amazing Janes throughout history and thus not worry about the forgotten chimpanzee as Jane Goodall made sure they weren't forgotten.

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