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I have my memory of driving back from the mall in my mom's 1983 Nissan Stanza and playing the tape in the car. I loved it. Not crazy about every song but the first side was played by the time I got home. I liked it so much more than RAL and Stevie's voice was strong and steady. Being she wrote most of the songs, I was a happy camper. It was not until I saw the tour about 3 months later that I sensed something was wrong (again).
It was a magic album for me too. I was on vacation in Daytona Beach in Aug 1989 and I remember walking the beach late at night with the waves crashing and stars out and this tape playing in my walkman. I was so excited for the upcoming show. Even though the album was not so successful as RAL, Stevie still played to packed arenas. Its just a shame that many reviews stated her opening act The Hooters put on a better show.
I remember getting to the mall hours before the tickets went on sale and there was a girl who spent the night on a lawn chair to be first in line. I was probably 6th in line and when she was at the window first, they offered her seats in section "C". Not great seats at all. I also had not the best seats either. Stevie was originally scheduled to open her tour in Pittsburgh but something happened and the show got moved. I suspect many VIPs kept their house seats. The tour ended up starting in Detroit. Pittsburgh was not early enough for Talk To Me in the set but we did get Juliet in the set. The Pittsburgh Press trashed her concert and constantly mentioned how she never moved away from the microphone the entire night. Her reps told the paper that she recently broke her foot and was favoring it. I spoke to some at the show who state they saw a cast painted black on her foot. I did not see that and dont know where the truth is on that one. Probably my least favorite Stevie solo concert.
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