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So many release anniversaries I guess next up will be 24 K's 7th. Like most releases I really enjoyed In Your Dreams when it came out in fact I loved it. Annbelle Lee was a favourite along with Moonlight, I really dug the new chorus. Also loved the title track, New Orleans for the "brush by" wistful notes, You May be the One and Soldiers Angel. In hindsight now, all songs needed some editing with the exception of Secret Love and In Your Dreams. Editing is a sign of strength as an artist not a weakness as Stevie believes. These songs lose momentum because of the length. For What It's Worth at about 3 minutes length would've been a really memorable song. Also, I don't think Stewart was the best choice for producer. This album was crying out loud, trying to believe that Jimmy Iovine would be interested. He would've made these songs much tighter, and closer to the "Rumours" vibe she was looking for. Vocally, mostly good with some technological de-goating here and there, but most artists do that so really no big deal.
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