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Originally Posted by Murrow View Post
Now that Warners are releasing the Early Years box set chronicling 1969-74 including bonus tracks and a live set, is it inconceivable they could also do a Later Years covering 1988-2013. Here's what I have in mind.

DISC 1: Behind the Mask (+ tracks from sessions)
DISC 2: Time (+ tracks recorded before Warners forced Christine's involvement - I'm sure there must be some - and World Cup version of Blow By Blow).
DISC 3: The Dance
DISC 4: Say You Will
If Behind the Mask canít get its own Deluxe Edition, then I could settle with combining up it with Time. As long as they include tons of BTM demos, outtakes, etc. marketing wise, it makes sense to fold the two incarnations into one. I know a BTM Deluxe Edition wouldnít sell that much, but imagine how much a Time DE would sell!

Iím sure the Dance will get the Deluxe Edition treatment on its own; Say You Will Iím not so sure. I mean, itís already pretty much a double album, so I donít think there was much left off.
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