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Lots of supposition! I think “All Over Again” was Christine’s own offering for the tour. I bet she relistened to Time around that point as she was reconnecting with her own musical legacy. I bet it was her idea, too, to perform “Get Like You Used to Be” in Hawaii before she rejoined. The music bug bit her again and she sifted through all her old material. Musically speaking, she’s been in a great mental space because she enjoyed writing new stuff for Fleetwood Mac or Buckingham McVie and pulling stuff out of mothballs for performance (like “Wish You Were Here”).

If Christine goes back on the road with Fleetwood or Lindsey, I bet we could hear “Sooner or Later” or “Prove Your Love” or whatever. Despite her deterioration or whatever you’d call it, she is afire again with music!
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