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Originally Posted by JeremyGloff View Post
I keep listening over and over and for the life of me I can't hear that whisper on the album version of "24 Karat Gold" - I was also the guy who never saw the "hidden picture" in those weird paintings back in the 90s lol. Where exactly in the song is this whisper? I've tried like 5 times with no luck!
In the intro, when the guitar kicks in it has two parts, and it is in the second part before the vocals begin. Hard to describe. But now you guys have me thinking I imagine it but no, in my speakers it is as clear as a bell: "dah dah dah wrap her in velvet dah dah set me free set me free...." It is Stevie's voice but very distant and muffled and it blends perfectly with the music.
"...every time, you don't come..." "my little demon..." oh dear...
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