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The album is clearly a treat for real fans, the general public or casual fans are unlikely to get most of it. As one panelist said, it is honest and there is no grasping desperately for a radio hit and (almost) no cowrites or covers.

The songs are really Stevie and Dave Stewart seems to have let her run free here while supporting the songs with good production for the most part. Listen to some tricks here and there, like the whispered "wrap her in velvet" in the intro to 24 Karat Gold. In some cases, like Blue Water, Lady, She Loves Him Still it sounds like Stevie was working hard on the vocal or they did the vocal in one take, making it seem almost concert-like at times.

The discussion focused on comparisons to old demos a lot, which is typical of fans, but I like to take the finished products as they come.

I love the album, it is quirky and self-indulgent and rambling and Stevie. I always seem to deviate sharply from the majority of fans in this: My favourite thing about it is that it has no less than 4 ballads, 5 is you count Hard Advice. The best non-ballad is, of course, Mabel Normand, which is bat ***** crazy but delivered with such strength and conviction you are yanked hard into the nutso world of Stevie at her kookiest. A roller coaster ride of almost nonsense but sounding oh so important.

And unlike most, I put Watch Devil and Belle Fleur at the bottom of my list, that style of Stevie leaves me bored and cold. Or lying face-down in the rain...
"...every time, you don't come..." "my little demon..." oh dear...

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