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Originally Posted by michelej1 View Post
Now, everyone could just start a new user account and leave their old posts unchanged and start with new usernames at post #1 again. That wouldn't clog up the server, but I don't think people should have a second user account.
What actually enables you to know it is the same person creating a second account though? I could create a second account through my work internet (so different IP address) and use a different email address (I've got lots). Yes you could probably tell it was someone in Perth, Western Australia, but other than that, would you know it was me?

I think it would be a shame to lose Steve after all these years, I understand fully that changing the thousands of posts is out of the question but I think it is a shame that we can't just ban his old account and let him create another. Sure, it is breaking the rule, but sometimes things can surely be bent a little?
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