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Now I feel old a whole generation has turned over since BTM. . I really enjoyed the album at the time and felt it was the most cohesive effort since at least Mirage. In retrospect though, it's really a glass half full, some amazing tunes and others not that memorable. Christine shines like a diamond though. I enjoy Save Me more than her awesome Tango songs, it's great all around, and the title track, she really went for it. For Stevie, it was parts of songs, my favourite moment is the last minute or so of Freedom where she lets her voice soar and melds perfectly with Rick Vito's stellar guitar. Love is Dangerous was a lessor precursor to the great Desiree from Vito's solo album. I find Billy a bit bland but he turned in the Floyd like In the Back of My Mind which the band took some risks on the road and opened their show with. I think another album or two this line up could've had a great run into the early 2000's, a return to Olsen Dashut production would've taken the tinny sounding edge off and Stevie had some great songs at the time (no pun intended). Not a bad moment in the band's history all in all, the concerts during the period were truly great.
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