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Originally Posted by SteveMacD View Post
And, Lindsey floundered as a solo artist. In spite of videos and heavy promotion, OOTC sold about what “Time” sold and he had to resort to opening for Tina Turner.

A lot of pride had to be swallowed all around. But, the six or seven months they spent for The Dance paid off for all of them. Christine got to go out on top (or so we thought), Stevie was able to reinvent her image and become relevant again, and Lindsey eventually found his own niche.
I agree Lindsey's solo career didn't make as much money or chart as high as Stevie's.
Opening for Tina Turner is a privilege. To me, Tina is the queen of rock, pop, dance. The greatest.
Stevie has opened for Aerosmith and even said she was happy to open for Rod Stewart, playing a shorter set than Rod did.
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