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Originally Posted by cbBen View Post
A trial run to see whether Stevie and Lindsey could work together prior to their committing to the Dance?

Or had that reunion already been agreed to?
I don’t know. I know what they’ve said, but I also know what others have said.

We know Lindsey made a cameo on “Time” and that Neale Heywood was mentioned in the liner notes. Dave Mason later said that they knew in 1995 that the classic lineup was getting back together. So, I think it’s safe to say that Mick started working with Lindsey again sometime in 1995.

Mick announced sometime in February or March, 1996, that he was working with Lindsey on Lindsey’s upcoming solo album. On March 30, I got an email from Dave Mason’s bassist Rich Campbell confirming Fleetwood Mac had broken up. Weeks later, there was an official press announcement.

On May 3, 1996, Mick, John, Christine, and Stevie showed up to the Kentucky Derby, ironically with Steve Winwood filling in for Lindsey. They were supposed to play, but it rained and the McVies wouldn’t play. The next day, Mick did an interview and said Lindsey decided to stay home and work on his album instead. A few days later, “Twisted” came out.

So “Time” was released on Oct. 10, 1995 and “Twisted” on May 10, 1996, seven months later.

You be the judge.

Personally, I think it had become obvious to all sometime in 1995 that Fleetwood Mac was floundering, Lindsey tanked as a solo artist, and Stevie hit a low point in her career, yet Smashing Pumpkins and Hole were having minor hits with Fleetwood Mac songs. I think it became obvious they needed each other to be able to continue having any semblance of a future, especially with Mo and Lenny out at Warner Bros. And, with the success of “Hell Freezes Over” and “No Quarter,” a blueprint for a reunion was already in place.

I think Lindsey very intentionally started using Mick, John, and Christine on his “solo” album. He wanted it to have durability as to how it could be released.
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