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elle 06-10-2019 11:47 PM

Berlin, Werchter, Pinkpop reviews
have to say, with common sense of many of these European reviews, becomes even more obvious how bizarre the whole whitewashing of Lindsey has been for the last year.

all these are via google translate so the text is a bit off and definitely doesn't flow very normal, but you can get the gist.

Berlin newspaper Culture and media music

Fleetwood Mac in the Waldbühne: Children of Olympus

MF_20131203_04 Frank Junghänel
07.06.19, 18:33 clock

Fleetwood Mac on Thursday in Berlin.

Photo: POP-EYE / Peng

The Fleetwood Mac show on the Waldbühne was opened with a special effect that you would not have liked. "Thunder only happens when it's raining" Stevie Nicks sings in "Dreams". Donnerregen formed the meteorological supporting program for the performance of the - here fits the superlative once - legendary band, which on Thursday (!) In Berlin has given the first of only three European concerts.

The rain radar was all around the most visited page in the net, has helped the fear nothing. And it got pretty cool too. Outdoor concerts in such weather are crap to say it with Franz Müntefering. Under the hood, the music sounds like tent walls, so down with it.

40 million plates sold
The evening starts at eight with the drumbeats of Mick Fleetwood, founding member and since 1967. At that time bassist John McVie also joined in and for half a century, the two older gentlemen, who now look like twins with their gray beards, form the musical backbone of this band, their evolution from pure English blues to flamboyant global pop probably the most spectacular transformations the rock story ever presents.

Let's start with "The Chain", a hit from the over album "Rumors", which started the madness in 1977. Forty million plates sold. There are practically only hits on this evening, that was the purpose of Fleetwood Mac for a decade, the production of hits. In "Little Lies" Christine McVie sings the first voice, formerly married to the bass man. It takes a bit before the groove fits. But that's comforting, if with such a band, the automatisms do not work from the beginning.

Fleetwood Mac was never complete
With "Second Hand News" a neuralgic point is soon reached. The part of style-defining instrumentalist and songwriter Lindsey Buckingham takes over Neil Finn from the New Zealand band Crowded House. He joined Fleetwood Mac just over a year ago with Mike Campbell of the Heartbreakers when Buckingham was fired. Now they share his role, with Campbell getting off as an all-powerful guitarist.

It gives the sound a slightly rougher note and lays out an overall casual appearance. Finn, on the other hand, seems over-motivated the whole time and of course can not reach the high pitch of his predecessor. But eventually you get used to it. True enough, Fleetwood Macs have never been so good. Everybody was always offended for some reason.

The missing Lindsey Buckingham
Often affairs were behind it. In 50 years of Fleetwood Mac, there were as many amorous complications as in a hundred episodes of Forbidden Love. The name of the disgraced Lindsey Buckingham, to whom they owe quite a few hits, is not even mentioned. The songs of the essentially written by him album "Tusk" are missing in the program. He was retouched from the picture as in Stalin's time.

But his recent banishment provides the stuff for a complete soap opera. When the smart American in the seventies, together with his equally beautiful and talented friend Stevie Nicks, joined the English blues band as a musical duo, the rise of Fleetwood Mac and, on the other hand, the end of all relationships began.

Operation on the broken heart
The panel "Rumors" is considered a document of these private dislocations, "You can go your own way", you can stay where you want. It's like in Marcel Carné's film "Children of Olympus", where a woman at the Paris Theater brings four men out of their minds. At Fleetwood Mac, the Stevie got nicks and that's not changed much. Except that the children are now over seventy. Stevie Nicks did not want to be on stage with Lindsey Buckingham, who allegedly grinned disrespectfully when she made a speech at a charity event.

Buckingham was not allowed on tour, it broke his heart, as you can tell, as he had to be operated on shortly after open heart. Recently there was a video on which he plays the guitar publicly for the first time since. He accompanies his daughter singing "Landslide" at her prom - a song by Stevie Nicks.

A magical black woman
At the Berliner Konzert this song is one of the highlights, precisely because it is out of the ordinary in its simplicity. And at the latest here shows that Stevie Nicks has lost nothing of their always somewhat capricious presence. For the white female pop music of a whole generation, she was a role model, she remained a solid performer. This is shown in a special way in "Black Magic Woman", a piece by the band's founder Peter Green, who in turn has been misled by Fleetwood Mac for quite different reasons. He had exaggerated the drugs. Most recently, he was sometimes heard as a soloist at Bluessessions.

For "Black Magic Woman", Fleetwood Mac does not sound like a hit machine for the first time this evening, but like a rock band, much to thank Mike Campbell and Stevie Nicks in their black caftan and all those shawls, Lacing and cords themselves appear like a magical black woman.

Once again a time comes to an end
In the middle section, of all things, when the rain gets stronger, the concert actually threatens to run down. No one needs a drum solo by Mick Fleetwood, especially not when it comes along with bizarre audience animation. And Neil Finn's personal hit "Down Dream It's Over" seems out of place, even though it's a beautiful song.

Much more coherent is the addition to "Free Fallin '" the memory of the late Tom Petty, to which Stevie Nicks has had an intimate artistic relationship since her early years. Finally, when the stage darkens for a few seconds and a very nice portrait of Tom Petty appears on the video wall, this is probably the most moving moment of the evening. Also with the concert of Fleetwood Mac in the Waldbühne a time came to an end which has long been over.

elle 06-10-2019 11:52 PM

Werchter - the tale of 2 opposite reviews
i woke up saturday morning and the first thing i saw when i opened my LB search was this weird, highly insensitive, sick title. how sad can some people be to direct this at the guy who had a heart attack over what the band did to him?

Eat this, Lindsey Buckingham!

09/06/2019 at 10:53 by Floor Deckx

Eat this, Lindsey Buckingham!
Photo: Koen Bauters

Let anyone announce that his next song is a 'song of unity' and our bull**** radar will take off immediately. But then Neil Finn put in "Don't dream it's over" and our skepticism melted like the ice blocks in our far too big gin-tub: faster than we loved. And "Don't dream it's over" wasn't even a Fleetwood Mac song.

It is a detail that says a lot about this concert. More specifically about the relationships between the band members and how they have been shaken by the arrival of two new members. Little necessary interpretation for those who have not graduated in the Applied Fleetwood Mac sciences: "relationship" is a loaded concept in this context. There are graphs about the composition of the band and the internal struggles that have been the basis for the departure and return of some members over the years - that is how complex history is. We are not going to reconstruct them here (interested people can sign up for the slide evening), but for a good understanding of this review we have to explain the last episode.

Last year guitarist / vocalist Lindsey Buckingham was thrown out of the band and replaced by two new members: Neil Finn from Crowded House and Mike Campbell, for years from the regular sidekick of the late Tom Petty. Well, those two turned out to be crucial for the resurrection of a Fleetwood Mac that didn't sound as tight as it is today. There was speed in the set, the vocal harmonies sounded downright heavenly and although this was already their fifty-eighth concert of the tour, it did not seem routine. Retired at age sixty-seven? Not if you're with Fleetwood Mac.

Tom Petty

If we have to name one weak link, that would be the vocal qualities of Christine McVie. When she sang solo, she sounded fragile and not always in tune. She was less able to hide her limitations than Stevie Nicks. The latter also did not get the high notes in 'Rhiannon', but sought refuge in other keys to disguise it. At times this even became the Great Stevie Nicks Show, because what a charisma this woman has! How she made a real act of 'Gold dust woman' with her golden scarf, or paid tribute to Tom Petty with her interpretation of 'Free fallin': pure class.

That also applied to Neil Finn. The fact that he opened with 'The chain' - allowed to open -, a song with a pronounced Buckingham signature, shows how much trust there is. Nicks and Finn brought together a catchy, intimate, acoustic version of the famous Crowded House song "Don't dream it's over", and no one had to be encouraged to sing loudly "hey now, hey now" on the meadow.

It seems strongly that the new musical blood has provided new impulses. The early seventies of Fleetwood Mac just came to show how that should be done, to give a heart-warming and unparalleled concert.

elle 06-10-2019 11:56 PM

Werchter - the tale of 2 opposite reviews part 2
and then, the completely opposite review of the exact same show, that ends with " This Fleetwood Mac sounded like a tribute band of its own at the least good moments." (again, google translate, so you have to kinda discern what the original text must have said.)

© Koen Keppens

Fleetwood Mac at Werchter Boutique: 'A sweet little lie '

Sunday June 9, 2019 - 10:05, by ( serge simonart )

52 (!) Years after Mick and Peter Green founded the group, Fleetwood Mac , version 6.0, joined Werchter Boutique. For those who know their hits from radio Nostalgia, it was a great concert. Anyone who saw Fleetwood Mac in the Sportpaleis in the seventies, eighties, nineties up to and including 2015, had mixed feelings, because what you could see and hear here under that name is a sweet little lie .

"This is the 58th performance of this tour," Stevie Nicks began a very short speech for her. Once she brought a binding text of - and no, I am not exaggerating - full eleven (11!) Minutes in the Sportpaleis. That is not unimportant, because the brilliant Lindsey Buckingham is no longer part of Fleetwood Mac , the quenched and wandering English blues band that he breathed new life into, is mainly due to the fact that he made Stevie ridiculous behind her back during an award ceremony because she also gave a lengthy speech there.

Mike Campbell (guitarist of Tom Petty's Heartbreakers ) and Neil 'Crowded House' Finn had to make Lindsey Buckingham forget, and I didn't think it worked. Because Buckingham wrote not only the greatest hits of Fleetwood Mac between 1973 and 1995, he also had a unique voice, was the ideal sounding board for his muse Stevie Nicks in and out of bed, and is a brilliant and unique guitarist - the only star who played solo without plectrum. The guitar reef of 'Go your own way', the riff of 'Everywhere', the beat of 'Big Love', the riff of 'Rhiannon' ... All courtesy of Lindsey Buckingham. And Mick Fleetwood, who praised all mercenaries of his company four times (that it was an honor to be able to duel with his percussionist; that the songs of Neil Finn had saved his life; that pianist Ricky Peterson was so brilliant, etc), did not even mention Lindsey Buckingham. While Fleetwood Mac would still have been a rattling blues band without Buckingham, one without world hits.

No, it is not beautiful. That after all these years Stevie Nicks demanded that her ex be put at the door - "he goes or I go" - is in fact a bitter divorce in which Stevie enforced custody of the group.

Lindsey Buckingham was kicked out of the group earlier in 1987, and then two guitarists replaced him, Rick Vito and Billy Burnette - that says something. Even now, he was replaced by Mike Campbell and Neil Finn, who, if someone had predicted to him ten years ago that he would be Fleetwood Mac's frontman, would have reacted extremely unbelievingly. And Christine McVie also left the group between 1998 and 2014.

In the audience a woman held up a sign that said 'Guess why my name is Sara'. But Stevie Nicks didn't sing that beautiful song tonight. She added text to a long drawn-out 'Gold Dust Woman', so that it looked as though she was addressing her ex Lindsey Buckingham through the audience: 'Baby you don't feel me now ... you should see me now ... you can't change me now ... you can't blame me now '. Buckingham, who, by the way, has difficulty recovering at this very moment from a heavy open-heart operation in which his vocal cords were damaged, as if fate just re-imitated after his resignation from Fleetwood Mac.

Mick Fleetwood had taken advantage of the absence of Lindsey Buckingham to smuggle a couple of old songs into the set, classics dating back to before the Buckingham / Nicks duo of the then fading blues group made a super group. And though I have no doubt that a handful of older young people were happy with 'Oh Well' and 'World turning', but they sounded oh so sixties, while Buckingham's songs continue to sound timeless. And Buckingham's solo songs were kept out of the never-ending set list as much as possible - not 'Big Love', though they couldn't ignore 'Go your own way'.

The setlist was a jukebox full of hits from 'The Chain', 'Dreams',' Second hand news', 'Little lies',' Gypsy ',' Landslide ',' Monday Morning ',' You make loving fun 'and' Black Magic Woman 'to the closing track' Don't Stop '(with the last sentence' Don't you look back ', even though they had done that for two and a half hours). The endless drum solo by Mick Fleetwood, who almost pathologically wanted to prove that he could still physically cope, took you there.

Those who paid careful attention heard all group members drop stitches, miss notes, screw up guitar licks, and sing false. The percussionist played too much in at least five songs. And two background singers sang as discreetly as possible the lion's share of the high notes that Stevie Nicks and Christine McVie no longer made.

But if you were willing to forget that there was an amputee super group with five mercenaries here, it was a good concert, and rain-free. And I stood an estimated seven meters from Stevie Nicks, naked under her clothes - around 1976 I, and a whole generation of teenage boys in love with me, would have found that a very exciting thought. But time waits for no one also apply to Stevie .

The good old sympathetic Neil Finn did his best. But the disadvantage of classics that have passed over and over a million times on the radio is that you associate them with exactly that tuning, exactly that timbre, exactly that guitar attack ... Neil sometimes seemed to be the leader of a creditable cover band, and that can be at a cost of 150 euros for a Golden Circle ticket are not the intention.

The winner is the brand name, which lives on in the interest of the heirs long after the last founding member of the group is incinerated. Those who are satisfied that the early seventies are increasingly hiding behind smokescreens, musical stools and mercenaries, can undoubtedly look at Fleetwood Mac again within five years. This was the last time for me, because I can't stand watered down versions of what I once saw at its best. There should be limits to financial opportunism and group names that no longer cover the load.

INXS will soon be touring again with the fifth replacement of Michael Hutchence . The Eagles entered with the son of Glenn Frey who replaced his dead father. Sting 's son plays in a Bowie tribute. Keeping the brand name profitable at all costs makes tribute bands sound more authentic than the original. This Fleetwood Mac sounded like a tribute band of its own at the least good moments. What's the next step? The Rolling Stones with roughly Bryan Adams replacing Mick Jagger ? Thanks, but no thanks.

elle 06-11-2019 12:19 AM

1/4 less visitors than last year
apparently Bruno Mars as a headliner was much more attractive than crippled FM as a headliner.

Werchter Boutique attracts 45,000 visitors

Fleetwood Mac at Werchter Boutique on 20190608 by Koen Keppens
Image by Koen Keppens

Werchter Boutique received 45,000 visitors on Saturday at the Festival Park in Rotselaar. That figure was just announced by the organizing Live Nation.

June 9, 2019 , 7:30 am

More than 44,000 tickets were sold for the one-day music festival in advance. Almost a thousand late decision-makers arrived at the day office on Saturday. For comparison: in 2018 the opening festival in Werchter attracted 60,000 visitors. The turnout for the eighth edition of Werchter Boutique is therefore a lot below, despite the strong poster that put the edition of last year in all areas in the shadow.

Macfan4life 06-11-2019 02:39 AM

I was watching Germany shows on YouTube that were recently posted. Both Stevie and Chris's voice really seemed to be struggling. Not flaming them. It sucks getting old when the voice changes. The band looked bored and tired. And I agree with the one review here that especially on Lindsey songs, the band does sound like a cover band of themselves.

MissJanet 06-11-2019 04:29 AM

I saw them at Pinkpop yesterday.

7th concert since 1990, 6th tour, my balance sheet remains flawless, again I was at front row - the one place where I belong, I'm that awesome.:D

The concert started a few minutes early, after a really rainy day. Everyone seemed happy, the band played very well. Stevie was so nice, friendly and had fun, in contrast to the last time when I saw them in Cologne in 2015, with Lindsey. She was center of attention and had a good time. She worked for her money yesterday. Charisma - Stevie owns it. She was fantastic, there is nothing to diminish that. She DID butcher "Gypsy" though, for me the one bad song of the night.

Chris was doing fine, her singing was okay, not great, but she had fun and played well, especially her solos. Fun times. She and Mike seemed to sincery like each other, they were very cute.

The new bandmembers were okay, Mick outdid himself to describe them as full bandmembers, but talking in "Game of Thrones", they are still sell-swords for me. But they fit right in and created a really "groovy" flow. That said, I loved the different guitar work, not so high pitched, rather grounded and earthy, the sound was awesome. Also, the band worked very well together.

Did I miss Lindsey? Yes and no, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and the band was great, the mood far more relaxed and the playing was fine, it was just not that emotional for me and the intensity that Lindsey created was just not there. On the other hand, there were no drawn out guitar solos to endure and no "So afraid" as a mood killer for me. And no fakeflirting, thanks the concert gods. So all in all, I was far on the plus side.

I could have done without "Don't dream it's over" and felt that covering "Second Hand News" was just bad manners, but the setlist was so packed with songs that I love, it made no difference. Suprisingly, I loved "Blackmagic Woman" and did not even mind "Free Falling", because Stevie sang the hell out of it. Still not my favorite, meh.

The crowd was great, everyone sang along, the atmosphere was positive and happy. This was not a magic night like the one in Cologne in 2013, but soooooooo much better than the concert there in 2015, that imho was ruined by inner band trouble played out in public.

That's it.

button-lip 06-11-2019 10:33 PM

Fleetwood Mac brings fewer highlights than you would expect from a Pinkpop valve ★★★ ☆☆

It was Stevie Nicks who made the concert shine.
Gijsbert Kamer11 June 2019, 12:07

The fiftieth edition of Pinkpop was closed by a band that was already brought to Limburg by Jan Smeets in 1971: Fleetwood Mac. At that time it was mainly a British blues band. Since the arrival of the American duo Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks, the name Fleetwood Mac stands for beautiful pop songs (Dreams, Rhiannon, Everywhere), for one of the best-selling albums in pop history (Rumors, 1977), but also for a lot of mutual arguing and changes in the tire.

In the Fleetwood Mac that traveled to Landgraaf on Monday, no Lindsey Buckingham - he was fired a year and a half ago by his old partner Stevie Nicks. Christine McVie did sing along and Buckingham was replaced by not one but two guitarists: Neil Finn from Crowded House and Mike Campbell from Tom Petty’s Heartbreakers. Great musicians, but even together they didn't forget Buckingham. His guitar parts were not imitated, and his vocals were not.

Drummer and band leader Mick Fleetwood had already foreseen that. Typical Buckingham songs such as Big Love and Tusk were removed from the set list and the old blues rocker Black Magic Woman just returned.

But still, the Fleetwood Mac that closed Pinkpop, has become a different band and the performance got stiff. Dreams was sung a bit falsely, the high notes of Nicks and McVie came from the throats of background singers and it took a while before they were discreetly put into the sound mix.

The audience initially reacted somewhat lukewarm. Only when the bubbles in the Everywhere intro fluttered across the field did everyone revive. Cell phones went up in the air and the whole field sang along with the choirs.

The band maintained that good atmosphere during Rhiannon, after which the concert sagged considerably. Mick Fleetwood interrupted World Turning for an endless and especially dull drum solo, and the old blues riffs from Oh Well probably worked better in 1971 than now.

It was Stevie Nicks who made the concert shine. First in support of Neil Finn, who played hoarse Don't Dream It's Over - it must remind Fleetwood Mac that the song with the most acclaim is not their own, but from Crowded House - and then only in the ever beautiful Landslide.

It was nice, but not enough for a band with the stature of Fleetwood Mac. So many hits that seemed scanty scattered across the set. During Go Your Own Way without Buckingham you even got the idea that you were watching a cover band.

Perhaps the most heart-warming song was Free Fallin, in the encore. Also not a song from Fleetwood Mac, but from Tom Petty. Immense images of the rock musician who died in 2017 were shown on the screen and guitarist Mike Campbell got a moment on stage.

But again it was Stevie Nicks who beautifully sang the song to himself. She was unmistakably the big star of a performance that had fewer highlights than you would expect from a closing party of this jubilating Pinkpop.

button-lip 06-11-2019 10:58 PM

Fleetwood Mac decides fiftieth Pinkpop

By Koen Nederhof and Bart Wijlaars
10 Jun. 2019 in ENTERTAINMENT

Nobody mentioned the name of Fleetwood Mac last year as a possible conclusion to the fiftieth edition of Pinkpop. However, the surprising choice works out fine. Although the show - without the replaced guitarist Lindsey Buckingham - will not go into the books as legendary. That would have earned this anniversary.

Fleetwood Mac (archive photo).
Fleetwood Mac (archive photo).Ⓒ PHOTO GETTY IMAGES

Hits are natural, plus a mythical status. Fleetwood Mac also appeared on Pinkpop 49 years ago and has since worked on an oeuvre of great value. Nobody was surprised that Pinkpop Monday was treated to a greatest hits show.

That led to a feast of recognition, an audience that enthusiastically sang along with songs such as Everywhere and opener Little lies . Accepting that Christine McVie and certainly Stevie Nicks sometimes did not get the right tones or bend down for safety reasons.

Admittedly, that made Lindsey Buckingham long for. Last year the 69-year-old singer / guitarist left the band after an accident. For the second time, by the way, because it has often crackled in the band's glorious existence. Mutual hatred, envy and sorrow of love were at the same time the driving force behind the legendary album Rumors , of which many hit tonight. Dreams , You make loving fun , Go your own way : they all came by.

The replacements of Buckingham, Neil Finn (known from the New Zealand pride Crowded House) and Mike Campbell (who was part of The Heartbreakers from the founding in 1976 until the death of Tom Petty in 2017) fulfilled their role with verve. Of course Finn has to fill huge shoes and he certainly did not match the original in terms of vocals. On the other hand, he did well on guitar. And in the Black Magic Woman solo , Campbell also survived, although he was sometimes wrong elsewhere.

At the same time, a lengthy presentation round, lengthy introductions of songs and the lack of real party moments also detracted somewhat from the show, which will therefore not be included in the list of historic Pinkpop performances. Despite covers, don't dream it's over (Crowded House) and Free fallin (Tom Petty). There was no lack of rock-solid music, but there was a spectacle and bravado to transcend the room sufficiently.

button-lip 06-11-2019 11:15 PM

Fleetwood Mac had the honor to close the 50th edition of Pinkpop yesterday. This legendary band played a full two hours, to the delight of many. The show was packed with hits and thus made a worthy end to the Pinkpop weekend. Of course you had enough to say about this, your experiences here.

Chronic goose bumps
We all knew that Fleetwood Mac could deliver a blast from a show. And this performance caused goose bumps and magical moments for many people. The moment that Stevie Nicks started Landslide was one of those moments. A show with many highlights that shows that experience on stage (59 years!) Is bearing fruit.

Ingesloten video

Johan Weeber
Al 59 jaar op het podium, prachtig met Stevie Nicks @fleetwoodmac op #Pinkpop2019 #pinkpop50

16:53 - 10 jun. 2019
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Chronisch kippenvel bij #FleetwoodMac op @pinkpopfest 👌🏼

16:01 - 10 jun. 2019
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After rain, Fleetwood Mac arrives
After a rainy afternoon on Pinkpop Monday, the Fleetwood Mac show also started dripping. This harsh weather caused a strong respect from the band, who thought it was cool that the audience didn't care. Fortunately this was all worth it, and we were treated to a memorable show.

Essential Festival
Ingesloten video

𝓜𝓪𝓻𝓽𝓲𝓷𝓮 🎀
Alle regen meer dan waard...Fleetwood Mac 😍 #littlelies #Pinkpop2019

15:41 - 10 jun. 2019
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Sing along until you drop
There was enough to sing during the show. The one after the other hit came along. Whether it was 'Go Your Own Way' or 'Dreams', it was all sung along on the Pinkpop meadow.
And thanks to Neil Finn, from Crowded house, we were even treated to 'Don't dream it's over'.

Ingesloten video

De Wereld van NELSON
‘You can go your own way’ volgens @fleetwoodmac. In mijn geval is dat richting bed, de benen zijn op. Bedankt #Pinkpop 2019!! Het was prachtig 💕

17:33 - 10 jun. 2019
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Rob Heetland
Meezingmomentje... #PP19 #pinkpop #fleetwoodmac #crowdedhouse

17:04 - 10 jun. 2019
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Lindsey Buckingham is missed
An important part of the Fleetwood Mac occupation was secretly missed by the public. Despite the fact that substitute Neil Finn did well, the lack of the original front man, Lindsey Buckingham, was noticeable. Fortunately this was well taken care of by the rest of the band, but Linsey would have been the icing on the cake.

Grote held Finn bij #fleetwoodmac op #pp19 ik weet het niet. Daar hoort toch een Buckingham bij voor de spanning

18:15 - 10 jun. 2019
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vanaf de zijlijn is best fijn
#FleetwoodMac #pinkpop in die paar minuten op NPO was al duidelijk wat een aderlating het is als Lindsey Buckingham in de line up ontbreekt.
Shame, shame, shame

17:45 - 10 jun. 2019
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Sanne2 06-12-2019 04:17 AM

I've been reading German, Belgian and Dutch reviews and they are very mixed. General consensus is that that Christine sounds old and frail and at times off key, Mick can't keep up with the tempo, Neil and Mike are appreciated but Lindsey is missed, the nostalgia factor worked well for the festivals, but as a closer for the 50th Pinkpop it just wasn't spectacular enough.

MissJanet 06-12-2019 12:44 PM

Button-lip, so I actually was at the concert and wrote a review (which takes a while because english is not my first language). You on the other hand just post random Tweets in different languages to prove me wrong.

That's pretty rude.

elle 06-12-2019 05:21 PM


Originally Posted by MissJanet (Post 1253166)
Button-lip, so I actually was at the concert and wrote a review (which takes a while because english is not my first language). You on the other hand just post random Tweets in different languages to prove me wrong.

That's pretty rude.

if you followed the link of that article that button lip was so nice to take time and share with us, you would realize that 1) it's a review article, and 2) it is basically summarizing bunch of tweets with examples of some impressions of fans who were there. some are positive, some are negative. the article title is:

"This is what you thought of Fleetwood Mac on Pinkpop 2019"

nobody is diminishing your review or experience, and nobody else is rude, least of all button lip. you can probably much better understand the tweets that are captured in that article than most of us can. google translate didn't catch the translation of every single tweet there, but if you want to do that for us, that would be fabulous. :thumbsup:

elle 06-12-2019 05:28 PM


Originally Posted by Sanne2 (Post 1253164)
I've been reading German, Belgian and Dutch reviews and they are very mixed. General consensus is that that Christine sounds old and frail and at times off key, Mick can't keep up with the tempo, Neil and Mike are appreciated but Lindsey is missed, the nostalgia factor worked well for the festivals, but as a closer for the 50th Pinkpop it just wasn't spectacular enough.

that's what i saw too, from what i can catch using different social media translate functions. sounds pretty factual and neutral. some positives, some negatives.

all in all if people thought the reviews of Classics in summer of 2017 were bad and something needed to be done with the band, these reviews are way worse than those Classic ones.

button-lip 06-12-2019 06:17 PM


Originally Posted by MissJanet (Post 1253166)
Button-lip, so I actually was at the concert and wrote a review (which takes a while because english is not my first language). You on the other hand just post random Tweets in different languages to prove me wrong.

That's pretty rude.

:shocked::shocked::shocked: I didn't know I was being rude by posting reviews of other fans that were at those concerts just like you. Why is it your review better than those of other fans that were there?

Prove you wrong? Why am I trying to prove you wrong? If you don't like other people's experiences at those concerts, that's pretty much your problem, not mine. :shrug::shrug:

Don't worry, next time I will ask for your permission before posting. :rolleyes::rolleyes:

elle 06-12-2019 10:07 PM

PP19: Hits of Fleetwood Mac more immortal than the band

Goosebumps when singing along, less so when performing

11 june 2019, ralph-hermen huiskamp




pinkpop 2019

The fiftieth Pinkpop is done. But there is another look back at the final piece. Fleetwood Mac may close, as an old acquaintance who was already on the second edition of the festival. Then still a piece of cake in Geleen, now a huge entertainment production in Landgraaf. But the band is still completely in place.

Fifteen minutes before Fleetwood Mac has to go up, there is suddenly some nervousness backstage. People are stopped, the road is kept clear. Some blinded Mercedes vans come crashing in one by one, each with about 30 seconds in between. They drive all the way to the bottom of the main stage stairs. Stevie Nicks is one of the first to climb the stairs, drummer and name giver Mick Fleetwood is among the latter. Their music is timeless, young bands such as Sunflower Bean are still influencing the radio today, but the band members have really grown old. With the help of security guards, they are safely assisted upstairs, and then kick off the show ten minutes early. That's how it works if you have such a status. Many young headliners are known to be late,

This piece should not be about Lindsey Buckingham at all. Of course, when he joined Fleetwood Mac in 1975 with Stevie Nicks, the two of them soon left their mark on the band. And that is softly expressed. His typical guitar playing, unparalleled writing talent, and the love for and then break with Nicks that inspired the very best Fleetwood Mac records, are just about the basis of why the band has become so legendary. And yet he was mercilessly fired a year and a half ago. They had survived their painful divorce in the 1970s, but forty years later Nicks sent him away. His departure was met by flying in two cannons: the guitarist of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and the great man of Crowded House.

Fleetwood Mac, Mainstage Monday, June 11

Came to sing the hits, and could sing the hits.

Even with the best will in the world, it was not good. But man, those songs are still good.

'Go Your Own Way' still gives goosebumps.

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Why has Buckingham been going on for a paragraph while it shouldn't have been? Because he is painfully missed. In terms of sound alone, from the first notes it is awkward to hear Stevie Nicks make harmonies with a different male voice. Weird how much difference it makes. And with the danger of making Buckingham's role far too big: it is as if his departure made the entire band ten years older in one fell swoop. A year or so ago, the band sounded vital, now you can hear the age coming back everywhere. Nicks' voice is still charming old despite all the shortcomings, Christine McVie sings really painfully false. Behind her keyboard full of trolls and toy cars, she doesn't get her notes time after time. And so the house of cards that Fleetwood Mac built in the seventies with the most beautiful harmonies collapsed in one fell swoop.

And take Mick Fleetwood for example. It is as if he now had much more talk than before, while he has great difficulty keeping up the pace. He endlessly cracks, even when everyone is off stage. And then there is a drum solo of ten minutes early in the show. Complaining about drum solos doesn't really have to happen as often as people sometimes think, but 'World Turning' interrupts for ten minutes of drums and gasping is just not possible. Especially when afterwards all band members, background singers and flown-in reinforcements are presented one by one. After a spectacular opening with 'The Chain', 'Little Lies' and 'Dreams', the momentum and momentum disappeared completely a few songs later. Or how about Nick's story at 'Black Magic Woman'.

On all sides it rattles or feels like an imminent car accident. And yet the show is full of magical moments. The intro of 'Everywhere' is used incorrectly, but it is wonderful to hear such a song blew across Landgraaf at the end of such a weekend. Same with 'Rhiannon'. That intro alone, that dry guitar, the drum and bass that are appreciated, the supercooled vocals. And man, all Pinkpop hear "Go Your Own Way" roar just before the encore. Even if you don't know the pain that sounds in the studio version, you get goose bumps. The whole set is proof that the music of Fleetwood Mac is immortal. It's a shame the band isn't it.

Discography Fleetwood Mac
1968 : Fleetwood Mac
1968 : Mr. Wonderful
1969 : Then Play On
1970 : Kiln House
1971 : Future Games
1972 : Bare Trees
1973 : Penguin
1973 : Mystery to Me
1974 : Heroes Are Hard to Find
1975 : Fleetwood Mac
1977 : Rumors
1979 : Tusk
1982 : Mirage
1987 : Tango in the Night
1990 : Behind the Mask
1995 : Time
2003 : Say You Will

© jelmer de haas
Half a century of Pinkpop is over. Curious as to which debutant of now 2069 may close the hundredth edition.

For more Pinkpop 2019 check our extensive file .

1. The Chain
2. Little Lies
3. Dreams
4. Second Hand News
5. Say You Love Me
6. Black Magic Woman
7. Everywhere
8. Rhiannon
9. World Turning
10. Gypsy
11. Oh Well
12. Don't Dream It's Over
13. Landslide
14. Hold Me
15. Monday Morning
16. You Make Loving Fun
17. Go Your Own Way
18. Free Fallin '19
. Don't Stop

MissJanet 06-17-2019 01:32 PM


Originally Posted by button-lip (Post 1253169)
:shocked::shocked::shocked: I didn't know I was being rude by posting reviews of other fans that were at those concerts just like you. Why is it your review better than those of other fans that were there?

Prove you wrong? Why am I trying to prove you wrong? If you don't like other people's experiences at those concerts, that's pretty much your problem, not mine. :shrug::shrug:

Don't worry, next time I will ask for your permission before posting. :rolleyes::rolleyes:

Oh sure, Jen.

Matthew 06-22-2019 10:41 AM

Everytime I tried to load The Ledge last two weeks, it didnt work... finally :) I thought it´s gone :).

So I was in Berlin at concert and it was great, as allways to see Fleetwood Mac live. Yeah, of course Lindsey is missed. I was not near any loudspeaker or sth, so I didnt hear any mistakes or how Christine or Stevie were struggling with their voices. I have to say that Christine sounded good to me, yeah of course she´s not 40 anymore, but to be honest I expected her voice to be worse... it was really fine. I was actually surprised of shape of Stevie´s voice. I guess it was still about the pneumonia she get through, because on the videos on youtobe of later gigs it get better. In Berlin we heard a lot how she changed the heights of singing in songs like Dreams or Rhiannon, she totally didnt get that high as she should on that song, that was a little disappointing. Also I was disappointed that the gig had to last only 2 hours because of noise after 22 o´clock. So there was no All Over Again, no Gold Dust Woman, no Tell Me All The Things You Do.... pity that they didnt bring back Isn´t It Midnight instead of Hold Me.

And yeah, the heavy rain was not nice too :-D. It would be so great to have nice weather there when its open air concert... but we were not lucky. At least it didnt rain the whole time. The atmosphere was great anyway.

I saw Fleetwood Mac in 2009, 2013 and 2015, so this time it was for the 4th time and it was special in one thing, because I was there with my boyfriend. I was there alone allways, but Im not single anymore, so that was nice. Even that he´s no Fleetwood Mac fan as I am, but he said that it was nice concert :-D.

And Don't Dream It's Over is great song, I like it.

michelej1 06-22-2019 04:40 PM

Glad you kept trying and finally got on to leave your review.

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