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elle 03-19-2022 08:14 PM

Timothy B. Schmit of Eagles new LP ft Lindsey Buckingham

Timothy B. Schmit of Eagles Previews ‘Day By Day’ LP (Out May 6) with “Simple Man,” ft. Lindsey Buckingham

ON MARCH 18, 2022

Rock Cellar MagazineTimothy B. Schmit 'Day By Day' (Photo: Dove Shore)

On May 6, bassist/songwriter Timothy B. Schmit of Eagles fame will add to his solo career with Day By Day, a new studio album officially announced on Friday.

Schmit’s seventh solo album and first since 2016’s Leap of Faith, the record was previewed on Thursday by SiriusXM DJ Jim Ladd, who premiered its opening track, “Day By Day.” The lush tune features electric guitar leads from Lindsey Buckingham and vocal harmonies from famed Beach Boys alumni Chris Farmer and Matt Jardine.

Watch the song’s video:

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Ava Warbrick, who directed the video above, explained its concept in a statement:

“I wanted to create a contemplative mood. Like a meditation. Slow panning shots in a rotating motion to illustrate the passing of time. The three Timothy’s are evocative of the harmonized vocals. We shot the music video on 16mm Kodak film to give room and texture to the California landscape and to elicit a nostalgia. A slow burn for reflection. The video, shot in and around Timothy’s music studio, to me feels like an authentic document of the space and this moment in time.”

For this record, Schmit found time to record during breaks in Eagles’ recent touring schedule, getting to work at his home studio called Mooselodge, in a “rural pocket” of Los Angeles County.

In addition to Buckingham, Farmer and Jardine, the album also features guest appearances from Schmit’s colleagues and friends including Jackson Browne, John Fogerty, Benmont Tench, Jim Keltner, John McFee and Kenny Wayne Shepherd.

“I still think of myself as a developing songwriter,” said Timothy B. Schmit of Day By Day. “When Jackson [Browne] came to the studio, we talked about how he wrote ‘These Days’ when he was 16 years old. It’s so impressive that a teenager could create something so insightful. That didn’t happen to me. I didn’t hit my stride as a songwriter during my younger years. I think I’m finally starting to get there now, and I’m in my 70s! It’s really nice. It makes me anxious to move forward and continue making music.”

And about his songwriting process:

“I try to latch on to whatever’s floating my way through the ethers. I just want to make good music and put a smile on people’s faces. I love the process and feel extremely lucky to be able to make new music as an older guy, and this is very satisfying.”

The album track listing:

Simple Man
The Next Rainbow
Mr. X
Question of the Heart
Something You Should Know
I Come Alive
Feather in the Wind
Grinding Stone
Taste Like Candy
Where We Belong

Stay tuned for more from Timothy B. Schmit and his new record.

vivfox 03-20-2022 08:38 PM

If I'm right, I was able to hear Lindsey's signature guitar playing in the songs bridge.

DownOnRodeo 03-22-2022 06:59 AM

Yes it sounds like Lindsey is doing some of the acoustic parts as well as the electric solo.

The video felt like an IKEA ad.

UnwindedDreams 03-22-2022 06:17 PM

How's Timothy's relationship with Irving?:laugh:

Timothy is wonderful. I wonder if he and Lindsey hung out at The Classic. I wish Henley would let TBS sing his Long Road Out of Eden songs in the Eagles setlist.

elle 05-16-2022 04:20 PM

The Eagles Bassist Details His Collaboration With Lindsey Buckingham

Iklim AlevMay 16, 2022

The Eagles’ Timothy B. Schmit detailed how he worked with Lindsey Buckingham in his new album during an interview with AXS TV he recently joined.

Besides his contributions to the Eagles, Timothy Schmit has also focused on his solo career by collaborating with other musicians and creating his albums. Schmit appeared in the works of names like Don Felder, Bob Seger, and Crosby, Stills, and Nash in the past.

The bassist’s first debut solo album was ‘Playin’ It Cool,’ released in 1984. Don Henley, Steve Lukather, and Joe Walsh were among the guest musicians on this album. Almost six years after releasing his sixth studio album ‘Leap of Faith,’ the seventh one, entitled ‘Day By Day,’ came out on May 6, 2022. Schmit collaborated with different names on this album, and Lindsey Buckingham, known as the former vocalist-guitarist of Fleetwood Mac, was one of them.

In a new conversation, Timothy Schmit revealed how he and Buckingham worked together on ‘Day By Day’ when the interviewer asked about the collaborations. Schmit stated that they were already communicating with Buckingham, and he was easy to get in touch with regarding their works. As the bassist recalled, Buckingham had enough time to contribute when he mentioned his new work. Schmit and Buckingham enjoyed the creation process, as he revealed.

Schmit also mentioned how he contacted musicians with whom he wanted to collaborate. As he indicated, the rocker decided by thinking about who was suitable for the songs and did his best to reach out to them. Most of them would accept the offer, as Schmit stated.

Timothy Schmit explained in his words:

“We’re not close, but we have been friendly for years. We occasionally talk to each other or text. I just thought Lindsey would be a guy; it is easy you call or e-mail or whatever and say, ‘Are you interested?’ ‘You want to hear a song that I might want you to play on if you’re into it.’ It’s that simple.

They can accept or not, or maybe they’re busy. Lindsey said right away, ‘I have just enough time. I could do it next week.’ I said, ‘Great.’ He was very humble, and we had a lot of fun that day. He seemed to enjoy himself.

Here’s what I do. I go, ‘Who would be best for this certain part.’ I might think of somebody and go like, ‘I don’t know that person.’ But I’d find out how to get a hold of them or management and ask. I’d say 80-85 percent of the time people actually said ‘yes.’ So, it was really great.”

You can watch the entire interview embedded above.

HomerMcvie 05-17-2022 01:11 AM

Timothy has always seemed like one of the nicest people alive. I can't imagine him being anything other than a pleasure to work with.

michelej1 05-18-2022 02:54 PM

Lindsey’s like, “I have just enough time.” Dude, you’re going on 7-Eleven runs to buy cranberry juice. You have time.

bombaysaffires 05-18-2022 03:53 PM


Originally Posted by michelej1 (Post 1274654)
Lindsey’s like, “I have just enough time.” Dude, you’re going on 7-Eleven runs to buy cranberry juice. You have time.

well, now, it does take longer when you go by horseback...

DownOnRodeo 05-18-2022 06:15 PM


Originally Posted by bombaysaffires (Post 1274659)
well, now, it does take longer when you go by horseback...


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