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Villavic 05-07-2021 06:29 PM

The Chain
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Originally Posted by FuzzyPlum (Post 1266797)
The Chain
Songs credited to, but probably not written by Mick or John
The Madge Jams

I never understood why they decided to credit The Chain to the 5 members. According to Mick's book (the first source I read about the band history, probably John had some credit but not Mick:

In the studio, we had been overdubbing so much that our master tapes literally began to wear out. Lindsey and Richard Dashut and Ken Caillat fought constant battles against the music's "high end" dropping out after hundreds of hours of overdubs. In the end, after a year's work, all of the original parts had been replaced except for the drums. Yet this technical wizardry was performed with such skill that the finished record sounded completely seamless. The most blatant example of this was a song that originated back in Sausalito. Various pieces of unrelated tapes were spliced together, for which Stevie wrote some lyrics. Eventually the number went on to be known as "The Chain."

Now in Wikipedia there's a page about The Chain and according to 2 sources: 1) Carroll, Cath (2004). Never Break the Chain: Fleetwood Mac and the Making of Rumours, and 2) Penn's Picks: Fleetwood Mac Ė The Chain". Hit Songs Deconstructed, it says:

...the final section of "The Chain"óbeginning with a bass progressionówas created by John McVie and Mick Fleetwood. Stevie Nicks had written the lyrics separately and thought they would be a good match; she and Christine McVie did some reworking to create the first section of the tune. Other elements were worked in from an early project of Christine's called "Keep Me There", which removed the blues-style motif, but retained the chord progression. To complete the song, Buckingham recycled the intro from an earlier song from a duet with Nicks, "Lola (My Love)", originally released on their self-titled 1973 album.

Due to the spliced nature of the record (the drums and guitar were the only instruments recorded in each other's company) and its sporadic composition and assembly from different rejected songs, "The Chain" is one of only a few Fleetwood Mac songs whose authorship is credited to all members of the band at the time.

Like FuzzyPlum, I still doubt about Mick's contribution in this song. I even doubt about John's, cause his main bass part sounds in Keep me there, a Chris song.

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