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bwboy 11-01-2020 09:14 PM

American Idol Nikki McKibbin died
According to an article on Yahoo, Nikki McKibbin died last week of a brain aneurysm. She was on the first season of American Idol and placed third in the competition. She sang Edge of Seventeen on the show and was a fan of Stevie Nicks. Justin Guarini said "Even in our 20s when we were on American Idol together, I could tell that she's led a challenging life, and that not many people had been kind to her along the way... but I'll never forget the day that her idol, Stevie Nicks, sent her flowers with a card that said "you are the gypsy that I was"... Nikki was on cloud nine and the joy and excitement that radiated from her was infectious."

Nikki's husband Craig Sadler wrote on Facebook "you probably know she practically worshiped Stevie Nicks. Before (her service), they will play 'Landslide' for her one last time. If you are able, you can pause at 3pm (Monday) wherever you are and listen to it with her."

Nikkei was kept on life support long enough so that her organs could be recovered for donation.

HomerMcvie 11-02-2020 12:13 AM

IMO, this should be in Chit Chat(at best).

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