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Ari 05-12-2020 09:24 AM

Some thoughts in fast moving times
Hello everybody! Hard times for everyone in this Virus-Crisis, but the opportunity to watch videos on YouTube, especially those taken from the Peter Green Tribute Concert in February. I did that extensively and I would like to share some general thoughts with you. First of all it's amazing that such a concert took place and that so many great artists came together to honour Peter Green - even if some of them may not show a direct relationship to him. Anyway, when I see the videos that appear something is evident: there is not one artist who can replace Peter Green. Of course I know replacing Peter Green that's not the idea of such a tribute concert, but for me his unequaled talent shows up even though Green himself did not appear. No doubt, it's fascinating what happens when these great artists play his music. Who plays which song? What version will they create? But what really moves me is the confirmation how outstanding Green is as an artist. There are countless brillant musicians in this world, guitar players who can do anything with their instruments, singers, who can perform perfectly every song - yes indeed a Peter Green-Song, too (by the way that's not easy, I remember some former tribute albums where I found only one artist capable of doing a Green-Song adequate: Rory Gallagher. What a nice coincidence that from the performances I have seen the one that impresses me most is "World Keep on turning" by the other Gallagher: Noel. Full of respect, an obeisance). Peter Green's way of touching the strings, not only tasteful, but intense with his whole personality, his voice from the heart which evolved rapidly after starting with Mayall, his song writing, all in all his ability not only to play but to live a song is just magic and unique. Not to forget when he simply plays a standard Blues, where everything seems to be said by so many great artists. It's never unimportant what he adds to music. Please don't misunderstand me, I don't want to belittle someone, I don't want to persuade or missionize. In the aftermath of this tribute concert I just feel the urge to write this. So please forgive me, if I become a little bit more pathetic: this tribute evening proves for me that only a few years were enough for Peter Green to become one of the greatest talents, one of the most moving humans in music (not only popular music) ever. I remember a concert in the mid 90s, Peter Green with the Splinter Group. A song has just ended, the audience was pleased, the long applause finished finally. For a moment it was absolutely calm and Peter Green said to us with modesty: "Thank you." And there was a woman's voice from the audience, clear and warm, filling the whole concert hall: "Thank you, Peter!" Nothing more to say.

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