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SteveMacD 03-21-2020 02:53 AM

R.I.P. Kenny Rogers

His music was a weirdly significant part of my childhood.

Macfan4life 03-21-2020 06:52 AM

He was one of the biggest musical stars when I was in elementary school. I was looking at this Wikipedia page this morning and in the late 70s he released a new album every 6 months. Those albums had hits so he pretty much stayed on the charts endlessly in the late 70s to very early 80s.
His recording of Lady was a masterpiece and I don't think anyone including Lionel could have done it better.
He was on the charts in 1982 with the Mac with his Six Pack movie theme "Love will turn you around" and its one of my favorites from him.
His star power was so strong that I think looking back one of his biggest hits "Coward of the county" is a bit odd and hard to believe it was a #1 song. But he could do no wrong.

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