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SteveMacD 10-20-2021 10:01 PM

Honey Hi.

By far.

michelej1 10-23-2021 03:20 AM


Originally Posted by jbrownsjr (Post 1270262)
I completely agree. And I think both songs are terse in lyrics and minimal as far as production. But, Love In Store seems unfinished, and Honey Hi sounds like a tiny little masterpiece of beautiful harmony.

Fell off the stage. Now that was the genius of Stevie. She really was funny.

bombaysaffires 10-23-2021 12:59 PM


Originally Posted by michelej1 (Post 1270353)
Fell off the stage. Now that was the genius of Stevie. She really was funny.

I wanna be a STAR..I don't wanna be a cleaning lady.

aleuzzi 10-23-2021 05:06 PM


Originally Posted by DownOnRodeo (Post 1270258)
I wish they had dropped the Songbird rip-off Never Make Me Cry and taken Honey Hi to the next level, making a real "finished" track out of it. But hey it fits in within the context of Lindsey's two minute tracks.

I would have loved “Honey Hi” to have been a bit more extended, but also love its brevity, its exquisite smallness like the hand-crafted furniture one might place in a tiny palace with tiny people.

The TUSK deluxe edition features an early version of “Never Make Me Cry” that blows me away—a warm, full arrangement with the arp string ensemble, piano, and more of an assertive vocal. It sounds like a track from a Beach Boys record. Why they dropped this in favor of the spare low-fi version of the official record probably has to do with honoring the minimal, sometimes primitive sound Lindsey opts for on most of the songs. Although most ledgies love the album version of “Think About Me,” an earlier version with just (a sassier) Christine singing, an upfront organ, and mixed-down crunch guitar has my heart. Again, I think the album version was chosen because it aligns more with Lindsey’s musical vision and sits more easily with his songs.

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