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Macfan4life 12-02-2021 11:12 AM


Originally Posted by aleuzzi (Post 1270745)
Re: the TANGO sessions, I’ve read and heard from more than one source that Stevie and Mick were largely dysfunctional during the making of the album. Mick says John felt initially disconnected to the project and had to be coaxed into contributing. But what about Christine? Was she also dysfunctional because of drug use? No aural evidence suggests this and her contributions to the album are remarkable. Does anyone know her mental and physical state was at this time? I ask only because, when discussing those sessions, Lindsey never makes an exception for her. Instead, he speaks of the entire band being at its lowest point, and that without him and Richard D, the album would have never come together at all.

Good point that I have wondered myself. Christine has stated she gave up coke after the Mirage tour and was clean during her solo album. However we know she is a big drinker. Christine has also said she was the only one having an enjoyable time recording Tango. I think she just enjoyed working with Lindsey and making music again with a band. There is a small quip from Mick's book with Stevie attacking the band and Christine about not being on Everywhere and Mick saying Chris had a few glasses of wine in her when she put Stevie in her place. But that's more about Stevie than Chris. I suspect Chris was not a problem but silent in mentioning or attempting to correct the other's dysfunction. Lets me real, Chris is never going to turn on Mick. Chris is the only reason Tango sounds even a little bit like Fleetwood Mac. I also suppose Chris was one of the only members who really wanted to be there making music. John was happier on his boat, Stevie had issues and probably wanted a break after RAL, Mick just wanted to party and just needed an album, and poor Lindsey trying to make it happen. Chris seems to be the only member who not only enjoyed making Tango but most likely the only one that wanted to be there.

moon 01-25-2022 01:47 AM's more of the same if I say that this is a very very wise Lindsey, who can talk about life without the pressure of being a rock star, I guess...

It's good to read that he didn't want another Rumours and that he did an important effort to make something totally different. And it worked! Even when it was not successful as Rumours, at least Tusk left a couple of very pretty songs...
It's rare to see that Law & Order is totally out from this list. Why he didn't talk about it? But, after reading this, I'm totally sure that his first solo album was still on the same way than Tusk, in terms of making process...and that changed with Mirage (BTW, when I listen to the demos of Mirage, some of them sound really like Law & Order songs! Am I wrong?)...

I understood that he needed to make something shorter after Out Of The Cradle. It's a long album, and that's so true, but but's his most beautiful and complete album!! But Under The Skin was good too, and shows very good his moment with FM after The Dance and Say You Will, and his new life as a...Family Man.

And his latest works...well, not so much to say! His work with Chis was very well received, but it's rare for me to read that Christine had only two or three songs only for that...Really? A very creative mind like hers and after a very long pause??
Lindsey Buckingham has more sense for me now reading that it was written in a big part just before his forced departured from FM...

jbrownsjr 02-02-2022 09:22 AM


Originally Posted by aleuzzi (Post 1270985)
Exactly. Lindsey never mentions how important she was to the process of making that record. She contributed great songs (as main writer but also as collaborator with Lindsey on songs he sang) and embraced the sonic aesthetic of the project. She could not have done this if she was dysfunctional. Her voice was in top form and her studio skills seemed as strong as ever.

I sensed she would have been even more present if Lindsey had allowed her to be. "Big Love," "Family Man" and "Caroline" sound like Lindsey recorded all the parts himself (excepting the African drum beats in "Caroline").

So, yeah, I don't know why Lindsey insists on downplaying her role in the production of the band's music. I sense he is protecting what he feels is his primary imprint on the Rumours-era lineup. But Christine never needed to ignore someone's contributions to prop herself up. Her insistence on being a "band" player as opposed to frontwoman is refreshing but rare.

She looks so relaxed in the Tango press releases and photos, too!

macpai 02-21-2022 07:54 PM

This is so fascinating. There are times I mightily agree, times I disagree and the ol’ “you learn something every day.”

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