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Macfan4life 01-05-2022 12:15 PM

Did Chris date Jim Recor?
Chris wrote Love In Store with Jim Recor. He was the husband of Sara Recor who eventually became Sara Fleetwood. Jim was the manager of Loggins/Messina. Jim was married to Sara until Mick's affair with her. There are so many love triangles in Fleetwood Mac. From Mick's book:

Sara was a good friend of Stevie Nicks and would perform with her as the 'Twang Sisters'. As Mick recalled in his book, Fleetwood: My Life and Adventures in Fleetwood Mac, "I first spent time with her when I snuck off to Hawaii to visit Stevie, and Sara was staying in the house. Later, Sara and I made contact again at Stevie's 1978 New Year's Eve party, but I really got to know Sara much better at Stevie's old house in the Hollywood Hills when I was hanging out there." Sara helped Mick get over losing Jenny Boyd for the third time and he admitted that he stole her from Jim Recor. They moved into Bel Air together in November, 1978, where her normal friends were replaced with those of Mick's: "Her new friends became the Fleetwood Mac road widows- Julie McVie, John 's former secretary, whom he had married earlier that year, Lindsey 's girlfriend Carol Harris; and Christine McVie 's new live-in boyfriend, Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys."
Mick proposed to her (while she was sleeping with a technician from the band) at John McVie's house in Hawaii. Mick recalled, "She came out in a robe; she and this guy had been asleep. She was very angry with me. I got down on my knees, told her I was sorry [for wanting to pursue a relationship with an eighteen-year-old girl he had met over the phone, Sheila], and asked her to marry me." Mick and Sara were married under a marquee outside their house in Malibu ; attendees included Christine McVie , Bob Dylan, Stevie Nicks , George Harrison, Ali McGraw, Dick Clark, Dave Mason , Billy Burnette , Jeff Lynne, Chubby Checker, and Rick Vito . As a pleasant surprise, Lindsey Buckingham also came, "I thought it was a good time to break the ice. I hadn't seen anyone since we'd had a little confrontation at Christine's house some months previously,

when all of the touring stuff was being thrown back and forth. It was an ugly scene for a short time." John McVie was the best man and Mick described the wedding as "a definite ding-dong bash !" While Fleetwood and Sara were dating and married, their relationship was filled with bitter fights; their marriage did not last and they were divorced in the early 1990's.
Sara Fleetwood appeared in the February 1995 issue of Playboy magazine with the caption, "Stevie Nicks' song ' Sara ' was inspired by Sara Fleetwood, ex-wife of Mick. She fronts a band called Fleetwood Bill (with Bill House) and has a serious shoe fetish."

Someday there will have to be a chart of who was sleeping with who in and around Fleetwood Mac :lol:

jbrownsjr 01-07-2022 10:55 AM

All she knew was the way that she felt, whenever he was around.

Newzchspy 01-11-2022 04:58 PM


Originally Posted by jbrownsjr (Post 1271797)
All she knew was the way that she felt, whenever he was around.

Sara did get her 11 minutes of fame, a few short of the requisite 15.

Now I have to get my 2022 Bonnaroo tickets!!!

jbrownsjr 01-11-2022 06:48 PM

We are all cleaning ladies!

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