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Janet 04-17-2002 11:34 PM

Fav Lindsey time period POLL
So which time period IS the best! I'll give you guys a week, everyone vote so we can really see what every prefers.

Lori 04-18-2002 12:13 AM

Hi Janet! Well, I'm the kind of girl who likes to "go with the 'fro!" bwaaahahahahha! I slay me! :laugh: Seriously, hippie Linds is my FAVE time period - man, if I'd had my chance (and had been a bit older), I'd have worked that boy over good! :shocked:

(actually, in a couple of my dreams, I have had the chance! :nod:

A close second is the OOTC era - he was very hot then, too. Now that I'm coming up on age 35 (gasp), I am finding men most attractive in their later 30's to mid 40's. Ya know, when they've filled out a little and really gotten that "man" look to them. :nod:

What can I say, I just love men! Of course, MY man the most of all! ;)

Lori :wavey:

tuigirl 04-18-2002 02:53 AM

Lori...I totally agree, the older you get, the more appealing someone in your own age group seems!;) Some of these young rockers today you just think Yuk, Yuk, Yuk!!!! Linds in his 40's and now.... YES PLEASE!!!! and obviously some of you other voters think the same.:D

sulamith 04-18-2002 05:27 AM

I voted for the 'fro, because that's when I first fell in love with him/them. Stevie was cute as a button, then, too, and I wanted to look like her. Yeah, I had that shag cut, even though I was only 13 or 14 and a little young for it, BUT back to LB.

I have to say I was a bit torn, because 90's Linds was very hot. Now is also good, and I don't want to make him feel like he's sliding down a slippery slope, but I hope he gains a little weight. He's a little gaunt right now, but I do like the gray strands in his hair. Eat a couple more slices of that veggie pizza you like, Linds!
He was very attractive to me during the Dance with a little extra flesh on him. The eyes seemed bluer then, too. Don't ask me my OPINION on why. Just don't get me started on that....

You ladies know what you are talking about regarding "today's artists" They look like pimply babies. My husband just turned 40, and in many ways is just coming into his own, and even though we have been married for 20 years, (I know, it's frightening) he just gets sexier and sexier to me.

I was watching an interview, maybe his BTM, on John Mellancamp, and he made the comment that most men aren't worth a s**t until they're 40 anyway. In some ways he's right!

But I still like my 70's 'fro Linds!

Skylark 04-18-2002 10:35 PM

Linz Poll!!!
:wavey: Hi Janet...This was too nerve wracking!
I love the afro-tight time best...:eek:
But I love the messy...just out of bed guy too...:D
also the OOTC manly hunk... so into the music!...:cool:

But NOW>>>NOW>>>>NOW>>>Virile Lindsey!!!Sky:)

EnchantedStorms 04-19-2002 01:31 AM

The eyes WERE DEFINATELY BLUER during the Dance, lol!!! And as absolutely GORGEOUS as I thought he was then (and now :D )....I had to go with the 'fro. I mean, my GAWD. The man was just beautiful. lol. And I think then was the BLUEST I've EVER noticed his eyes to be!;) :D :laugh: Hmmmm....wonder WHY?:p


Little Queenie 04-19-2002 02:45 AM

I gotta go with the fro! There is something about the fro and those tight bellbottoms! WHOHOO! Hot pants!

It's just funny to see when Linds gets all into and starts headbanging (or whatever) and the fro starts flying around.

But I do love th TUSK days too!


sulamith 04-19-2002 05:06 AM

The flying 'fro!!

I love in the Rosebud Rhiannon when he is behind Stevie towards the end, and he is head-banging like crazy on the right of the screen. The 'fro is getting some serious air and just takes on a life of it's own!

oh, and ladies, I think most of us agree that the Lindsey eye blueness factor is directly tied with the INTENSITY of his emotions, no?

Doing my best Forest Gump impression:
That's all I've got to say 'bout that.....

Gypsy-Rhiannon 04-19-2002 07:03 AM

I love hairy Lindsey ;) :laugh: ;) :laugh: so it is the fro for me!!


wondergirl9847 04-20-2002 09:17 PM

Smokes, this is tough, I chose the Tango era, I see I'm the only one, HAHA. I chose it because I love the picture of him with the jeans on, leaning against the wall, with that black guitar, I have the exact photo on my pencil cup at work...look at it ALL the time!! *DROOL* I wanted to choose Tusk, but I really, seriously, wanted to pick ALL of them! LOL

Here is the pic...

Here is another photo I have of Linds on my pencil cup...from the Tusk era...sigh....this guy at my job says Lindsey is gay, I told him he was just jealous because he wasn't on my pencil cup. :laugh:

Sigh....and him in the Little Lies video, oh yummy!!! I love Tusk and Tango the most, but the fro rocks and he looks great in any era...well, except maybe

And maybe here, although cute, he looks disheveled.

Hate to say this, because I love the man to DEATH, but he looks like either a chipmunk, or he's got marbles in his cheeks, he's kinda "chubby" here.

WOAH MOMMA!! Can you say, dignified, sexy and good enough to eat!!!!!!!!

Wait, is this the yummie Lindsey pic thread or the era thread! LOL

P.S. After posting, I clicked on the photos, and I see they don't work well, copy and paste, that should work...

AliP 04-20-2002 10:46 PM


Originally posted by wondergirl9847

Here is another photo I have of Linds on my pencil cup...from the Tusk era...sigh....this guy at my job says Lindsey is gay, I told him he was just jealous because he wasn't on my pencil cup. :laugh:

Tusk Era Lindsey is my fave. In fact that picture you posted is my all time favorite picture of him!! I LOVE it! I showed my mom a pic similiar to that in the Tusk tourbook and she said "he's pretty like a girl." I can see how Lindsey may be mistaken for being gay. He's really not one of those super-masculine type guys and I think that sometimes he talks and acts like he could be gay - though we know he is NOT of course. So what I'm saying is I can see how somebody not familiar with him could mistake him for being gay. Just my opinion.

On to another subject Lindsey in the Little Lies video and Seven Wonders video is sooo cute, I can't believe Stevie just didn't kiss him right there just because he's so darn good looking. nuff said.

saintbernard 04-21-2002 03:53 AM

I chose the OOTC Lindsey. I can't think of a word good enough to describe what a hottie he is!

I like him during the Tango era as well because he just comes off as the guy you know you shouldn't want because it won't be easy living with him but you just have to have him because he's irresistible.

Lindsey is just SO sexy regardless of what time period! He's got the greatest eyes and the sexiest voice (speaking or singing)!

He's aged wonderfully and still drives me wild! :)

The very first crush I ever had was on Lindsey. He'll always be my 'first love'! ;)


Laurrhi 04-22-2002 08:37 PM

Yummy Tusk era.... mmm MMMMM!


wondergirl9847 04-23-2002 01:50 PM

Oh yeah...

Originally posted by Laurrhi
Yummy Tusk era.... mmm MMMMM!


I agree.....sigh......

Villavic 05-01-2021 06:00 PM

Well the "NOW NOW" was 19 years ago. I'd vote for the Tusk days and his Miami Vice suit (so visionary) anyway.

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