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BklynBlue 03-11-2017 11:13 PM

Peter Green & Eddie Kramer
Fifty-one years ago today, (March 11, 1966) Green’s first professional recording was released in the U.K. – it met an indifferent fate, but is considered a collector’s item today. Really, only because of Green’s participation.
What I only recently became aware of was that legendary producer Eddie Kramer was apparently behind the console for the two sides.
Even stranger, he is credited with having “directed” the recording. Never saw that word used on a record label before or since.
I wrote to Kramer’s website asking if he had any memories of the record (doubtful, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to ask) but have not received a reply –
Anybody have any more information about the session?

Here’s my take

lazy poker 03-12-2017 06:09 AM

just a wee small footnote to your scp post:
the jimmy soul original got a new boost when featured in the soundtrack to the 1990 cher movie "mermaids".
concerning the peter b's looners' 45 - in his peter green bio martin celmins states the single's recording date as february 1966 . . . which sources he relies on, i don't know . :shrug:

BklynBlue 03-12-2017 07:36 PM

I use Christopher Hjort’s “Strange Brew: Eric Clapton & The British Blues Boom 1965 – 1970” (Jawbone 2007) as my main source and then try and find at least two other sources to collaborate the information –

With The Peter B’s sole recording, the Celmins’ bio and the Hjort were the only information that I could find

The consensus seems to be that The Peter B’s single was recorded “sometime” in February – there does not seem to be any documentation as to when exactly – or where.

Hjort writes that it may have been done at EMI’s Abbey Road Studio, in St. John’s Wood, but does not offer a reason for this speculation other than that Columbia (the British label) is an subsidiary of EMI.

I was unable to determine if Eddie Kramer ever worked for EMI, I do not think so, but was hoping that someone might have more information on that –

March eleventh is the day the record was released.

Thanks for the not about "Mermaids" - too funny -

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