$5/ea LIST DJ 12" Single Vinyl Records, Hip Hop/Disco/Boogie/Funk/Pop Update6/16 For Sale

$5/ea LIST DJ 12

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$5/ea LIST DJ 12" Single Vinyl Records, Hip Hop/Disco/Boogie/Funk/Pop Update6/16:

YOU PICK AND CHOOSE $5 RECORDS, $5 unlimited shipping! (Check my other listings for additional titles!)
This is from a collection purchased from a former owner of an 80's Disco Club, Vinyl was well taken care of, some outer jackets are generic, some are picture sleeves. If you have a question regarding a specific pressing, please let me know.
ALL Records will be VG or Better.These should all be good enjoyable PLAYER copies. No Skips, nothing too distracting, but some will have some light marks, some that can be felt. But again, these should be nice players, some light surface noise should be expected. If you are interested in an item, but want to know the vinyl grade prior to purchasing, PLEASE Don't hesitate to reach out, I will get back to you as soon as possible. As with any item, if it is not as described, and you do experience Skips/Repeats or the surface noise overpowers the listening experience, please let me know, and I can make it right, I want everyone to enjoy the music the way music should be enjoyed!
The main intention for this listing, is to sell enjoyable playable value records. Condition of Jackets is not factored in, some will have splits/creases/water. Records will be shipped in Inner Sleeves, though original inner sleeves, posters, inserts, etc. are not noted or expected.
HOW IT WORKS:1-Use the drop down menu next to EDITION to view all of the albums available. ALL titles are $5.2-Pick your albums and add each to your cart and when finished just checkout.Buy more and save.

I have $5/$9.99/$14.99 Listings with the same format. Simply add each title to the cart and then check out all at once, combine on $5 shipping and save!!

Records have not been cleaned by myself, and should be cleaned before playing.
Each album is $5, no matter how many you purchase, and whether they are 1x, 2x, 3xLP still they count as 1.
Shipping is $5 flat, buy as many as you want, there is no limit.
International Shipping is now available. Items are shipped through the fulfillment, I am not sure how well this process will work, please have patience, if the shipping rates are drastically off I will reach out to you to resolve. If it over charges you, I will refund where appropriate. If it under charges and it does not cover shipping charges I will reach out to you to see if you would like to cancel/refund, or pay additional for shipping.
Due to the low price point - these particular albums are shipped with the vinyl still in the jacket. Sometimes in lieu of using LP cardboard fillers, I will put filler albums in there, to be played by you or discarded, just to fill out the package, they themselves will be in various conditions.Vinyl Record grading is as follows, to the best of my ability:NM: Very rarely will I give anything this grade, its nearly mint.EX: Too good to be VG+, may contain the faintest signs of usage, a few light sleeve scuffs, should look great.VG+: Should be a terrific copy, a few light marks here are there, nothing deep, nothing overwhelming, just a very nice copy.VG: Will have a few more marks than VG+, shows signs of use, mostly all light in nature, may be felt with a nail, nothing that should cause any skips/repeats, or anything to loud and distracting, but some surface noise will be there. Still an enjoyable copy.VG-: Still no skips but may have a bit more surface noise or ticks that may start to impede the listening at times.Jacket Grading:For the sake of these records in this group I'm going to keep it a bit simplified and not as detail specific. I do not factor in any writing on the jacket towards my grading unless its vandalism. Someones name or initials or something small like that does not register for me, nor does the condition of the inner sleeves.EX: If the copy looks truly nice, shiny, nice seams/spine/corners, maybe still in shrink, just looks very nice, I'll label it asVG to VG+: will vary here a bit seam splits if present should be less than 4" or so on a seam, not pretty, but not haggard. Seams/spine/corners/jacket will show some wear.G: Seam Splits/water damage more pronounced, in addition to further wear on spine/seams/corner/jacket.
If you have any questions regarding condition of jacket or vinyl, please do not hesitate to reach out and ask me. I can also try to provide further pictures depending on schedule.
Satisfaction is guaranteed, if I missed the mark on my grading, please do not hesitate to reach out, I will do my absolute best to make it right.

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