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Old 12-02-2016, 07:50 AM
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Default Lincoln show

Nicks, Hynde to showcase Hall of Fame voices

The sound of two of rock’s great voices will fill Pinnacle Bank Arena Monday when Stevie Nicks returns to Lincoln, bringing Chrissie Hynde and The Pretenders along.

Contraltos both, Nicks, 68, and Hynde, 65, took divergent paths to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame -- Nicks becoming the embodiment of Southern California Laurel Canyon classic rock; Hynde moving from Ohio to England to meld ‘70s punk -- she was a member of The Clash before it was The Clash -- and new wave into The Pretenders’ edgy rock ‘n’ roll.

Nicks is on “The 24 Karat Gold Tour,” a 28-stop arena sojourn that is named after her most recent album, 2014’s “24 Karat Gold: Songs from the Vault.”

The release is a collection of songs that Nicks wrote from 1969 through 1995 -- most of them penned in her 1970s and '90s peaks -- but never recorded. “24 Karat Gold” is one of Nicks’ best solo outings.

Collecting songs like the rocker “Starshine,” the tribute to silent movie star “Mabel Normand,” who, like Nicks, was known to use a little cocaine, the harmony-drenched “Belle Fleur” and lots of her trademark broken-hearted ballads, the exquisitely produced “24 Karat Gold” finds Nicks’ voice a shade huskier and rougher than in her classic work, but utilizes it to full effect.

Based on published set lists, a handful of songs from “24 Karat Gold” will turn up in Nicks’ show Monday, along with songs from her first two, just-reissued solo albums, 1981’s “Bella Donna” and 1983’s “Wild Heart.”

That move to the new and revisiting her early work with Lindsey Buckingham takes the concert out of “greatest hits,” human jukebox mode, forcing a focus on the music -- songwriting and performance -- and on the voice that is delivering her songs.

The odds are good that many in Monday’s crowd will have already seen Nicks and her shawls at the arena in Lincoln when she was in great form and strong voice during the 90 minutes Fleetwood Mac performed in January 2015.

Drummer Mick Fleetwood got sick that night and the show ended abruptly, prompting Nicks to tell the disappointed crowd: “We will come back. We will come back. You’ll get one-and-a-half full-on shows. We will come back. We’re so sorry.

The Mac isn’t back. But Nicks will be, keeping that promise, this time with her fine band, led by her longtime musical collaborator and great guitarist Waddy Wachtel.

Nicks, her management and promoters really must have wanted to return to Lincoln, which is, along with Grand Rapids, Michigan, the smallest market on the tour that started in Phoenix last month and ends in Los Angeles Dec. 18.

The big plus is Hynde's first show in Lincoln -- a bit of a mind-boggler given that The Pretenders have been around for 38 years.

The Pretenders have a new album as well, appropriately titled “Alone,” for Hynde is the only Pretender on the album that was produced by The Black Keys' Dan Auerbach, like Chrissie, an Akron, Ohio, native.

But on tour, she’s joined by drummer Martin Chambers, the only other original Pretender still living -- guitarist James Honeyman Scott and bassist Pete Farndon each having died from drug complications in the early '80s.

“Alone,” according to published set lists, will contribute three songs to The Pretenders set, which runs a generous hour.

That’s enough time for the band to deliver most of its hits and some material from “Stockholm,” Hynde’s solo album of a couple years ago -- all of which will highlight the smoky, sultry and soulful voice that has made her one of rock ‘n’ roll’s great singers for the past four decades.

Nicks fits that description as well, making Monday’s concert a showcase of great singers, songwriters and performers that’s not likely to be matched any time soon.
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Old 12-06-2016, 12:48 AM
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Default Lincoln NE show

Loved the whole show best set she has ever done! closed with rhiannon and then landslide took tons of pictures now vegas in 11 days! more tommorow great audience too! got the shot glass! and a shirt! life is good!
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Old 12-06-2016, 06:11 AM
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Review: Stevie Nicks tells the stories, then sings the songs at arena Monday

For more than two hours Monday, Stevie Nicks hosted an episode of the old VH1 show, “Storytellers” at Pinnacle Bank Arena, spinning out tales of how and why songs were written, before and after they were performed.

And many if not most of those songs weren’t instantly recognized by the 6,500 in the hall as Nicks, eschewing the usual “greatest hits” superstar show, mined some deep tracks from throughout her career -- dating back to “Crying in the Night,” a song she wrote in 1971 -- and mining “24 Carat Gold: Songs from the Vault,” her 2014 album made up of what she called her “trunk of gothic musical mysteries.”

Performing with her superb six-piece band, led by guitarist Waddy Wachtel, along with a pair of backing singers, Nick’s husky but pure voice was at its finest and she was engaging and often funny telling her stories.

So, we learned that “Starshine” the lead track of the new album was written in Tom Petty’s basement, that “Moonlight (A Vampire’s Dream)" was indeed inspired by Bella and Edward and is her favorite song and both “Stand Back” and “Edge of Seventeen” were responses to songs by her “strange little friend” Prince.

The latter was among the hits “Gold Dust Woman,” “Rihannon” and “Landslide” that brought the show to the close. But the first hit out of the box was “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around,” on which she was joined by Chrissie Hynde, who along with Wachtel did Petty’s part on the duet.

Hynde and her band The Pretenders opened with a bracing, hour-long set that, once the sound got dialed in, found her at peak vocal form -- she flat nailed the ballad “Hymn for Her” and the band ripped through a few songs from “Alone,” the new album and lots of hits. It was, simply put, one of the best sets I’ve seen at the arena.

Nicks, by the way, did not mention her previous appearance at the arena at the Fleetwood Mac show that was cut short by Mick Fleetwood’s illness. Instead she told stories and really sang her songs.
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Old 12-06-2016, 06:18 AM
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Photos: Stevie Nicks at the arena

More here:
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Old 12-06-2016, 03:16 PM
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Review: Songs and story time with Stevie Nicks, Chrissie Hynde in Lincoln

LINCOLN — A pair of rock star women delivered a rock star show.

Stevie Nicks was joined by Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders for four hours of rock ‘n’ roll Monday night at Pinnacle Bank Arena.

Hynde and her band took the stage for an hour of hits including “I’ll Stand by You” and “Brass in Pocket” before Nicks and her eight-member band played for more than three hours.

The pair shared the stage for “Stop Dragging My Heart Around,” the smash hit originally by Nicks and Tom Petty. They spent the song singing to each other and dancing, and the legendary singers embraced at its end.

I love her,” Hynde said.

I have a new duet partner,” Nicks replied.

It was an inspiring moment from a long set full of them, delivered by two women who have been delighting audiences for decades and who can still rock a guitar, dance their hearts out and hit all the notes well into their 60s.

Among her many stories about writing songs with Fleetwood Mac and solo records with Petty and Prince, Nicks had many inspiring messages.

Never give up,” she said, directing fans to stand up to anyone who dares block them from their goals. “You know what, get out of my way. I’m coming through. I have a dream.

Nicks’ performance could have been an episode of the (sadly) long gone “Storytellers” series from VH1.

There’s a lot of stories tonight,” Nicks said at the top of the show.

She performed only 18 songs, but she filled out the show by telling tales of moving to Los Angeles with Lindsey Buckingham, hanging out in Tom Petty’s basement and inviting Prince to play on “Stand Back.”

Her “strange friend,” as she called him, came in and laid down his tracks, “then he was gone in a purple poof,” she said.

The performance spanned Nicks’ entire career, beginning with the Buckingham Nicks’ “Crying in the Night” and going all the way to 2009’s “Moonlight (A Vampire’s Dream),” which was inspired by “Twilight.”

Many of the songs came from Nicks’ latest album, “24 Karat Gold,” an album of reworked songs sourced from old demos that Nicks joked she pulled from her “gothic trunk of magical mystery,” which apparently even contains a rock demo of “It’s Raining Men.

But Nicks also pulled from her extensive catalog of hit songs including Fleetwood Mac’s “Rhiannon” and her own “Edge of Seventeen,” and each one got an origin story punctuated by Nicks’ giggles and nonsequiturs.

Dressed in her trademark black chiffon, she also donned furry shawls and sang from behind a scarf-draped mic stand. Nicks even brought out her original silk chiffon scarf, which appeared on the back of her “Bella Donna” album.

Fans loved it. They stood up to sing the words to favorite songs, shouted their love for Nicks and danced in the arena’s aisles.

Fans came to their feet to sing along with “Landslide,” and Nicks thanked them profusely.

Thank you, everybody. You have been an awesome, awesome, awesome audience,” Nicks said. “I really, deep in my heart, appreciate so much that you were an awesome audience.
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Old 12-07-2016, 09:07 AM
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Default About The Pretenders but nice nonetheless

The Pretenders blow the doors off PBA

It took a couple songs for the sound engineer to get everything dialed in, but once that happened The Pretenders blew the doors off Pinnacle Bank Arena Monday night.

Given a generous hour by headliner Stevie Nicks, The Pretenders tore through a few songs from “Alone,” the new album Chrissie Hynde recorded with The Black Keys Dan Auerbach, and a whole bunch of their best tracks, bringing real rock ‘n’ roll to the stage.

That started with Hynde’s instantly identifiable riffs, built on the exuberant work of lead guitarist James Walbourne and the foundation of bassist Nick Wilkinson (whose sound overwhelmed the first two songs) and original Pretender Martin Chambers -- in Hynde’s words, “the world’s greatest rock drummer.

The fifth band member, Iowa-rooted pedal steel man Eric Heywood, provided the primary backing for “Hymn for Her,” the stunning ballad that showcased Hynde’s powerful, soaring contralto -- one of the great voices in rock.

At 65, she hasn’t lost a thing vocally and, as she demonstrated throughout Monday’s set, she remains a rocker to the core.

Early on in the set Hynde said something about being happy to be back in Lincoln. She may well have been here before -- for years downtown hotels have been overnight stops for tours with long drives between shows.

But, to my knowledge, Monday was the first time The Pretenders have performed here. And they were great. I’m a fanboy and have seen The Pretenders a handful of times. Monday’s show was one of the best if not the top performance I’ve seen by them -- and a lock to be on my best of 2016 list in a couple of weeks.

Hynde liked the show too, posting on The Pretenders’ Facebook page -- with a reference to a dancer she loved in the crowd::

“Nice one Nebraska!

Special thanks to Sally mcCan Can....


A couple other thoughts about Monday’s concert:

The attendance of about 6,500 may have raised some eyebrows. But, in fact, that turnout is one of the best examples of how a show can be a success for all involved without selling out. The show, on a Monday night in December, was never planned as a sellout, or anything close to it.

There are reasons why tours enjoy coming to PBA -- like the fact that Monday the Nicks crew was able to complete the hanging of the light and sound system in just over 2 hours -- 15 minutes faster than at any previous tour stops, thanks to the excellent local rigging crew and the design of the arena.
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Old 12-09-2016, 06:04 PM
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[Old, but I thought it was amusing]

By Jim Minge/The Omaha Dispatch | Posted: Mon 11:52 AM, Dec 05, 2016

How shawl doin'?

LINCOLN, Neb. (The Omaha Dispatch) - Can you imagine Stevie Nicks coming out on stage in a crop-top, Daisy Dukes and sneakers? I can't, either.

The “Reigning Queen of Rock and Roll” wouldn’t be herself without one of her trademark shawls, wispy dresses and boots. It's a signature look to go with her signature sound that began with Fleetwood Mac in the '70s.

On Monday (December 5th), you can experience all of this when the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer plays the Pinnacle Bank Arena in Lincoln and sings familiar solo songs like "Stand Back" and "Talk to Me" along with Fleetwood favorites like "Tusk," "Little Lies" and "Don't Stop."

Tom Petty isn't expected to be there to join Nicks for "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" (1981), her first solo hit and my personal favorite. But another hit maker is. Warming the stage will be Chrissie Hynde and her band, the Pretenders.

Get primed for the show by watching Petty and Nicks' video to "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" by clicking here.
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