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Old 07-28-2004, 07:23 AM
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Originally Posted by mylittledemon
That is true. The band is supposedly making 35+ G's a night per member. Thats INSANE. Thats more than some make in a year!! The band could cut the ticket prices in half and pull home 12-16 G's each per night. They'd still walk away with nearly a million dollars each, after a full tour, doing what they love to do.
The rent of halls, stadiums, stage stuff and employees are much more than 25 years ago. We can be honest 'bout that. I sold my first ticket on jan 9th (still remember) 1980. For FM live in Rotterdam and payed at that time almost nearly 40 Dutch guldens. If i compare that with the today rate
( now i have to convert to euros???) about 18 euros ($20.00).
Last time i went seeing Mac, i payed over 110 Euro, so yes it has been a little more expensive, but look at your payroll, that has changed aswell, maybe not for the best but,.. I guess the bands find it very lucrative to go on tour, it's not just the music, but merchandise and more stuff. It 'll pay of, believe me, a cap coast 25,00 euros ( $27,00), and we already discussed the gready ways of making money, which what Mike is doing. But why not, Al others do it to, so,???????
But now let's be clear 'bout one thing, i would have payed 200 euro ($225,00) to see them, and it was worth any penny.

But the statement is oke, HONESTLY,.. IT IS WAY TOOO EXPANSIVE .

Destiny is there if you want it, you just have to open the door and meet it halfway.

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