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Old 01-28-2020, 01:07 AM
ricohv ricohv is offline
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Gawwwwwd I love this-thanks Viv! Takes me back to a different time in my fandom, a time I really miss!
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Old 01-31-2020, 12:13 AM
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Originally Posted by David View Post
There was some sort of news item in Rolling Stone in 1980 about the Sara lawsuit. I think Mo Ostin was quoted as saying, The theory of this thing is bizarre. The idea that a record company could tell Stevie Nicks how to write a song is ridiculous.
It wasn't Mo who made that quote. The actual quote was, "could you imagine Mo Ostin telling SN how to write songs?" And that was probably said by Rolling Stone's writer, I'd guess.
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Old 02-01-2020, 09:34 PM
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Originally Posted by jbrownsjr View Post
It is the song that sounds least like hers.
It's definitely not her style but I buy that it's her work. It sounds like she's trying to push her writing through the filter of "peppy little rock song you can dance to". Considering it was written VERY early in her career I'd imagine it was when she was still trying to find her niche and get her writing style down. "That's Alright" is super similar, I buy it's Stevie but it's Stevie pushed through the filter of country music.

Her song Angel is a better example of Stevie maintaining her style while accomplishing the peppy rock song vibe.
"I am just one small part of forever" -Think About It (The song that got me into Stevie Nicks)

"The face of a pretty girl x1,000,000" -Isn't It Midnight (The song that got me into Christine McVie)

"The sun is bright, but not too bright to see. When the darkness comes you've got to fly into the light." -Doing What I Can (The song that got me into Lindsey Buckingham)

"I can still hear you saying you would never break the chain" -The Chain (The song that got me into Fleetwood Mac)
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Old 02-01-2020, 10:59 PM
cbBen cbBen is offline
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Odd the interviewer asked about "Julia." Was it in the original running order?

To my taste ""Garbo" and "Sleeping Angel" are better than much of what made the album, but I can understand why they wouldn't want to include tracks that are predominantly acoustic.

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Old 02-02-2020, 07:30 AM
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Thanks for posting these clips. I enjoyed the story about Kind of Woman the most. Its very similar in meaning as Silver Springs. She really wanted to haunt Lindsey her entire life and it looks like she has succeeded

How Still My Love is definitely sexy and also my favorite from Bella Donna. I wish she would have confirmed who it was about. The timeline suggests Mick but it really could be anyone.

She is really on top of her game here. Voice strong voice and very confident. Her writing was pure poetry for this album. Bella Donna could have been a double album it was so rich with material and players.

Still I believe.....BACKSTABBING AND BETRAYAL will show us how

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Old 02-11-2020, 05:13 PM
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Originally Posted by elle View Post
wasn't there speculation on here few months ago that maybe Stevie hates IDWK because she didn't really write it, that wording and phrasing sound very much like typical Lindsey. that maybe he wrote it and gave her the credit ssince it was replacing her song on the record.
Hes described it as a Stevie song before there ever was a Rumours.
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