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Old 10-07-2018, 05:30 PM
guillamene guillamene is offline
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Default Merchandise?

Anybody got any info /pics of merchandise for this tour?
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Old 10-08-2018, 07:00 AM
TimeCastASpell TimeCastASpell is offline
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Originally Posted by guillamene View Post
Anybody got any info /pics of merchandise for this tour?
I wish it were easier to share photos on the forum. I actually snapped some photos (ended up buying something for a friend who didn’t make it so I was sending them to him asking what he wanted). And I grabbed a few things.

A lot of penguin logos stuff. My friend and I each got tote bags and they may be the best thing they’ve got. Only $25 and really nice quality with a zip closure and a zip pocket inside. Very nice. Penguin logo with the present members names around the circular logo. I also bought a track jacket for $70. Kind of weird color and I’m still unsure if it’s a very deep navy or black but white stripes down the sleeve, penguin (a single one. There’s a single penguin and double penguin version of the logo and a mix of each on the merch) logo on the left chest. Bummed there’s nothing on the back but the tour hoodie was the same with just a left chest logo. The hoodie is also a strange brown color and they were sold out of my size so I didn’t get a close look.

My favorite and I can try to send you a picture one way or another here, is the T-shirt I bought. It’s got a close up of Stevie and Christine’s faces and says Sisters of the Moon. I will warn (and I said this at the bottom of my review on the other page) the sizing and style of the women’s fit tees this tour are REALLY weird. Like I’ve got a women’s fit tee from each of the last two tours and they’re radically different in size. Previously they ran a little small and I bought up fearing shrinkage. Well... the smalls look like large or extra large for a women’s fitted tee. And the Sisters shirt I bought is cut especially odd. Wide neck and very wide shirt. I’m a very tiny person. And I was ticked. They had a lot of retro style shirts- A Rumours one with Mick and Stevie (I have a long sleeve tee with the same photo from a previous tour), Lots of penguin logo as mentioned, and I loved this bright blue women’s shirt with a retro Fleetwood Mac logo (just the band name in big bubble letters) but they were all out except L and XL. Also surprisingly there’s a white long sleeve tee with the Kiln House album cover on it! If I had had more money, I would’ve gotten it.

In regular unisex tees there were more penguin logos and the singular shirt that has the current members of the band on it and tour dates on the back. Also a wind breaker or rain coat that has a large penguin logo on the back. And then the tote I mentioned, a hat, and shot glasses. I think this was everything. And ha apologies if I over described.

If you are a smaller size and especially if you want the women’s cut shirts with the softer fabric, buy early. With the larger sizing they were big time wiped out of the smalls and mediums of everything after the show. Of note while the sizing issues on those shirts was a big problem for someone unusually petite like myself, the way these shirts are sized I’d actually say they’re more unisex so if you’re a guy who likes a softer shirt, everything but the Sisters shirt I listed would be workable and not look odd on a guy. I would say the size large “women’s” shirts were more or less equivalent to a size medium unisex tee. But radically different sizing from the previous two tours merch!!! Also no lyrics based tees like last tour had a Sisters of the Moon shirt with artsy lyrics and the one before that had a Landside lyrics in the shape of a flower. I have both and they’re favorites so I was a little bummed not to see something like that this tour. Penguin logos eveeeeerywhere though!
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Old 10-08-2018, 07:15 AM
TimeCastASpell TimeCastASpell is offline
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Location: Metro Detroit, MI
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Originally Posted by wondergirl9847 View Post
Are there any shirts with the 6 of them on it?
Just one. It was kind of funny to realize that. It’s your typical unisex black shirt with a photo of the current six and the tour dates on the back. There was a major retro theme going with the merch. That said, There’s at least three variations (new ones) of the penguin logo and one of them that’s on the tote bags and I think the hat as well as some of the shirts, says In concert in smaller letters and Fleetwood Mac larger beneath and around the circular border has everyone’s names. I bought a tote for my friend as well as myself and we hung out after the show and he starts looking at it and joked he was going to cross our Neil and Mikes names. I almost missed they were even there. Neil and Mike are on the far sides of the semi circle of names though and Stevie and Christine’s names are sharing the top. So someone put some serious thought into the layout. I think Neil and Mike are also both on one side on the photo shirt too.

Wish I could upload directly to this forum because I just pulled out my tote and the penguin logo is really nice. I really, really like it and might have grabbed one of the shirts with it on had I gotten a good look. I think the redone penguin logo was a fitting choice though for what this tour feels like- a celebration of the bands history. I just don’t know where to upload photos at to share them here, dang it.
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Old 10-08-2018, 04:24 PM
Mr Scarrott Mr Scarrott is offline
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Originally Posted by bwboy View Post
The Chain
Little Lies
Second Hand News
Say You Love Me
Black Magic Woman- vocals by Stevie
I Got You- vocals by Neil
Tell Me All the Things You Do- vocals by Neil
World Turning
Oh Well- vocals by Mike
Don't Dream It's Over
Isn't It Midnight
Monday Morning
You Make Loving Fun
Gold Dust Woman
Go Your Own Way

Free Fallin'- vocals by Stevie
Don't Stop
All Over Again- vocals by Christine and Stevie

I wouldn't really want to criticise the set as such, given the situation they are in but I would perhaps ditch Second Hand News, putting Monday Morning in its place, replace Isn't it midnight with Spare me a little of your love with Man of the World following it. I had hoped for Why as a closer, but I really like the crazily beautiful stunt they've pulled with All over again. The only more unexpected thing they could have done would have been for Stevie to recite Thoughts on a grey day as everyone headed to the exits.
To lose Lindsey Buckingham once may be regarded as a misfortune, to lose him twice looks like carelessness.
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