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Old 04-05-2004, 07:23 PM
Cammie Cammie is offline
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Cool Palettes!!!

We adore Lindsey's musical palette of quirky sounds!!!
He is producing tunes with a great R & R Edgeness!

LB DID Try to Explain that... "This Body of MY Work
IF I put out as MY Solo cd...only 300,000 ppl would
hear My Work!" (I give 2 or 3 songs to this project!)

Mick then whines to Lindsey's old friend Ray Lindsey!
Something about him saying they would sell 500,000.
Mick Makes fun to Ray of His Dear Friend Lindsey who
was Trying to make a Great Album for Fleetwood!

YOU haven't even $old a million SYW cd's yet Mick!

A waste of money(23.99)a duplicated purchase for my
friend to buy me the Red Double! Why not just put out
an 'Honest to Lindsey Double' to begin with Mick? Sky
"Once you said... Goodbye to Me...
Now I Say Goodbye to You!!!" LB

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Old 04-06-2004, 11:17 PM
EveryHour's Avatar
EveryHour EveryHour is offline
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Though I don't really care about arguing over "who rules in the studio" because we really cannot form TRUE opinions, not having been involved...we're looking in from the outside, so I personally think it's a waste of time to even think about this in such depth when you cannot possibly be coming from the same place as the band. Just my personal feelings.

Anyway...despite this opinion, I do agree that they should have gone ahead with a double album. It probably would have sold just as many copies (ie, the same group of people who bought the single album would have been willing to buy a double). I almost tend to think an 18 track single album might be more overwhelming to people in general. At least if, say, 24 tracks are divided onto 2 discs, they feel like they'll get a rest in between. Especially, as mentioned, if they were going to put out the set with the bonus CD anyway...
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Old 04-08-2004, 08:30 AM
face of glass's Avatar
face of glass face of glass is offline
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Location: Finland, the country where polar bears walk on the streets singing "Silver Girl"
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Sorry Teedee, was away for a while. Not that there’s much for me to say anymore.

Originally posted by teedee
i dont think OOTC is or has an experimental sound. its a shame that cd didnt reach a larger audience.
Whereas I think that even the little experimental qualities it has; the new wave quirks or however you want to call them, drove away the mainstream audience. And the polished sound, along with the FM connection, drove away the seekers of “authenticity”. That’s the only way I can explain its commercial failure.

do not think of fm as an alternative band.....
But with Buckingham and Nicks FM has many qualities that can make the alternative people turn their heads and listen.

What Peter Green, Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks have is an ability to communicate to people directly from their psyches. They know how to explore the murkier depths of their minds and come out with results that are powerful and will most likely speak to the listeners’ psyches as well.

This is why they can have such passionate following. And this is why they can cross the rigid genre borders and speak to the “elitists” as well.

There are some of us, even here, who listen to both alternative music and FM and I’m willing to bet that it’s mainly because of SN and LB. Sharon posted Simon Reynolds’ review of Tusk that had Stevie described as an indie heroine. Marcello Carlin, when reviewing the recent reissues for Uncut, compared Lindsey’s Tusk work to well-known underground bands. And I raise my hat to anyone from those circles who recognizes these qualities in their work, despite it being released on a major label and having been deemed as the antithesis of punk for a long time.

the people who bought syw, maybe newer fans, was who i was referring to mostly , but there have been some older fans that mad e the same comments on lbs songs as well.
Doesn’t prove a thing as far as I’m concerned. ChiliD, a fan since 1967, doesn’t seem to have anything particular against any Lindsey song on SYW (from what I’ve gathered here and there) and like him, I don’t think there’s anything too experimental in them.

as for music and feelings. if you like a song, it needs no explaination. i was not talking about a song expressing emotions,ex its about love, i was talking about if you personally like a song, it moves you in some way , doesnt matter what the subject is.
Also it should be kept in mind that some topics and emotions are acceptable in the underground and the same goes for the mainstream too.

What I get out of “Murrow” are images of violence and chaos. It is a harrowing track, it doesn’t make me angry but it serves as a purification.

“Come” is, to me, a picture of an obsessive man who just haunts himself all the time with the thoughts in his head. Yet it has a sense of humour and self-deprecation in it. Yes, it’s of sarcastic type but at least it shows that Lindsey isn’t totally engulfed by his feelings.

“Red Rover” has a hyperactive uplift to it; to me it’s a person in a totally euphoric state yet moving along rapidly like that all-famous Duracell-bunny.

That’s what I get out of those that you deem experimental. There’s very little inaccessible in them. They’re states of mind that every human can relate to. I may interpret them differently than the others but I will never believe that they’re just experimenting for experiments sake.

They may be a bit more extreme than what’s on OOTC but I still don’t think he’s ever wanted to make a solely experimental album. It isn’t his thing.

It’s all about expressing the various sides of his personality. Not everything can be digested easily and some people don’t even want to digest those sides. But it’s the same thing with Stevie’s vulnerability. They both know how to present everything they want to express to the public in accessible forms. Stevie’s way isn’t just the one I prefer.

“That’s Enough For Me”.

^ - "a selfindulged, but funny butthead of a Fin" - Shackin'up
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Old 04-08-2004, 10:37 PM
Cammie Cammie is offline
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Join Date: May 2003
Location: usa
Posts: 644
Heart Mick and Stevie and Lindsey and John!!!

Well said...face of glass!!! OOTC is a great LB Work!!!
To...Fleetwood Mac Fans! THEY ALL RULE!

With their MUSIC...Lawyers...Managers...Friends... Families
and their Own... Individual... Very Strong Personalities!!!
Four EGOES intermingling 18 tunes on ONE Little CD!

Lindsey works to Produce The Music...Sing Tunes and Play Guitar Magic! He just wants to get his Music out there!Lindsey's life is now different... with his Kids and his Wife expecting a third child momentarily!Some seem upset Lindsey is a Happy Family Man!

(Surely Stevie, a Beauty, could marry her true Love!!!)

Mick is a bankruptcy survivor and needs a steady income first!
He has twin daughters! Stevie is his friend and cohort and she goes along with Mick's opinions!Mick said she rents down the street from them in Hawaii!
They like each other!!!

John is a great guy but he just wants to be on his
boat & fish (on the Doc.) having Fun with Lindsey!
He's the quiet Bass Genius...going along with Mick!
They are the Backbone that Holds FMac Together !!!

This is My Assessment...not yours to Analyze!
THE END!!!Thanks for your critiques! Bye,Sky

(This IS the LINDSEY Thread!We ADMIRE His WORK!)
"Once you said... Goodbye to Me...
Now I Say Goodbye to You!!!" LB

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Old 04-09-2004, 07:43 AM
Kelly Kelly is offline
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Default confusing...

Boy, that was confusing. I just do not understand the comment "some seem upset Lindsey is a HAPPY FAMILY MAN now". I do not remember reading anything even remotely similar to that. Further, Mick was not whining to Ray Lindsey, he was discussing what Lindsey had said regarding the Ridley Scott/two bedroom apartment scenario. Lindsey was not making a whole lot of sense with that analogy and Mick was just pointing that out. Obviously money is important to Lindsey, did you see the new house she was having built? If LB was living in a two bedroom apartment and not having a several million dollar home built, his argument to Mick would have had some substance behind it. I understood what he was saying, I do "get him" but comparing the two was sort of laughable IMO. LB is a genius and without his vision this album would not be the gem it is, but he is a man full of contradictions!

"She has an exquisite femininity"......Lindsey
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Old 04-09-2004, 01:43 PM
4Buck 4Buck is offline
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I always remember how Buckingham bought out roughly 85 - 100 expensive seats at his PBS Sound Stage performance in September of 2003 so that many ardent fans could win these as free tickets! He just wants everyone to hear his brilliant (do I use that word enough when I describe him?!?!) compositions!

He is sooooo wealthy and generous!

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