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Old 03-17-2017, 02:22 AM
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Originally Posted by Aussie W/Heart View Post
It was unreal, 16 yrs old and a big fan in 77.. no drivers license so we walked for miles and miles, taking us more than a half a day to get there & during summertime HOT!!.. But well worth it All i remember at the end of their concert, was that i hoped and prayed that this amazing band will stay together for ever, not break up like some of the other bands at the time..

It was their first time playing in Australia, the crowd responded from the get go, the atmosphere was incredible!! After the first song, Stevie lent forward over the stage and said something along the lines of, there's a nice smell in the air due to all the joints being passed around close to the stage, i didn't resist my first toke or 2...

Lindsey rocked the guitar, broke a couple of strings during GYOW but continued on till the end.. Stevie spinning around dancing in the back ground,
like a woman possessed, during Rhiannon or GDW..

i remember feeling a bit annoyed when she kept on disappearing off stage, and wondered why!!

I've told this story before, being young and curious i ventured back stage near the end of Santana's set, i walked through a little gate and poked my head inside a pretty big marque tent, my intentions were to go over and say hello to Stevie and Christine.. I scanned the tent and noticed them in a quiet corner talking and laughing with glass of wine in hand, Lindsey half sitting on a table in front of them beer in hand looking not so happy at the 2 girls... I chickened out, feeling very out of place as there were a few other band members who played earlier on in the day, the big table in the middle was full of food and booze the air inside was full of pot smoke.. I left feeling happy to say the least, then ventured back to join my friends at the front of the stage, they asked where have you been? lol, not long afterwards they hit the stage!!! Sorry for rambling..
Not rambling at all! Thank you so much for sharing, I'm so jealous.
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