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Old 04-12-2018, 10:53 PM
bombaysaffires bombaysaffires is offline
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Originally Posted by rhiannondontgo View Post
Your point is valid but none of us know how they treat one another behind the scenes. I know plenty of people who have cut off their own parents or children. If somebody is toxic, knowing them your whole life doesn’t change that.
(And i’m not blaming LB or saying he’s the toxic one. I don’t think either of them are fully to blame. They just are toxic together and it seems to have gone too far to fix now.)
I also think it’s kind of selfish of us to insist they continue working together if they hate it. They’re not dancing monkeys, they’re real people with real lives and feelings. We’re just a bunch of people who like their music. We don’t know them and they don’t owe us anything. Music shouldn’t come before mental health. These things happen. It happened with Sonny & Cher, Ike & Tina, George & Tammy, etc. If S&L can’t be around one another, that’s their business and I respect it and am still excited for whatever music will come from them both separately. (I do however understand why people are mad that they’re continuing the band w/o LB rather than breaking it up.)

No one is insisting they keep working together. Most of the disturbance comes from the way they handled the split and the news of it... they seem to have planned to say nothing of substance about it, just "he won't be on the tour but do come see us with these other guys" and leave it at that. How naive to think that would suffice after all these years. People feel insulted and talked down to. Like we're just sheep who will go "oh, ok" and ask nothing. Weird.

Also, they have been dysfunctional for DECADES. So it just strikes a lot of people as very bizarre given how f'ed up they've been for 40+ years that suddenly NOW someone has done something so unforgivable or too big to ignore that they have to kick a person out of the band. It invites a LOT of speculation about what the hell that would have taken. Add in that Mick seems not to have tried to be a neutral party (and no, we don't actually know this) that adds to the mystery. When you add up Stevie's hatred of Lindsey (despite her phony public act)and absolute resistance to working with him in recent years and then Mick seeming to have not made a case for Lindsey staying, it generates a lot of buzz. Either there was some sort of opening for a power move and Stevie took it, or collusion with Mick, or Lindsey did something so egregious...... or, they just had one fight too many and one or the other of them said, f this.

You can't be FM and put all your dirty linen out for people to know and then when something on this scale happens suddenly get all reticent and secretive.

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Old 04-13-2018, 04:46 AM
NotonRodeo NotonRodeo is offline
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Originally Posted by bombaysaffires View Post

You can't be FM and put all your dirty linen out for people to know and then when something on this scale happens suddenly get all reticent and secretive.
Indeed. Their silence is making things worse. In the FB/Twitter age it is very bad PR, even by Fleetwood Mac management standards. Like their FB page. Still that stupid Penguin. If they were really a new "band" why not post even one photo of the group together rehearsing? Or even one Youtube video of, say, Little Lies, with Mike and Neil? I am beginning to think the truth is much worse than even the worst suspicions now. Otherwise, a simple denial would have sufficed.

Though I'll bet when they are forced to go on the talk show circuit to promote their tour they will just sputter lie after lie after lie, as they have always done. (BuckVie never conceived of as a Fleetwood Mac CD? Please. It made me sick every time I read that.) Expect a lot more things that will insult the intelligence of most fans who have followed them.
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Old 04-13-2018, 09:14 AM
FuzzyPlum FuzzyPlum is offline
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Looks like Mick and Billy have made up. I don't think he'll find it quite so easy with Stevie though- she'd go mental with him if they ever crossed paths.

Apr 11
Mick Fleetwood and myself in better days in my movie Saturday Night Spacial. You can catch it on u tube. I've apologized for what i've said. He accepted my apology so we're all good. But It's all in the book

Mick and I have made peace!
I said some bad things and he forgave me! Love to FM.

'Where words fail, music speaks'
Mick Fleetwood
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