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Old 02-11-2011, 08:34 PM
THD THD is offline
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Originally Posted by slipkid View Post

"Colour Me Pop"
To make this footage more rare, Peter Green is playing his Fender Stratocaster. It doesn't matter the guitar, the tone is amazing!
Slipkid could you say why people think he was playing strat in this programme ?
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Old 02-11-2011, 08:49 PM
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Join Date: Feb 2011
Location: Battersea ,London
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Originally Posted by sharksfan2000 View Post
any other memories from that show besides Peter playing his 6-string bass?
Yes I do have some more I'll post them on the Bassman thread, and eventually combine them as a copy on the new thread when it gets to that concert in the order I (think ) I saw them in !
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Old 02-13-2011, 12:59 PM
Ms Moose Ms Moose is offline
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Originally Posted by THD View Post
Thank you so much Ms Moose- I hope I am Proven wrong But even more so I hope I'm proved right ,as I would then be really impressed with myself !

I saw them 7 or 8 times whilst Peter was in the band , and a further 4 times before they settled in the US . I wish I'd seen them more, but I was still a schoolboy at the start,(well actually up till Peter left !!) and I guess I was still getting pocket money from my parents ,and this had to pay for records and everything else , sheet music and saving up for a better guitar, and a few performaces by other people Cream, Jimi Hendrix, Aysley Dunbar Retaliation , John Lee Hooker etc


I will post my memories of each one if you like, but which is the best thread to do it on ? I mean, I wasn't the only one at these events, and I 'd love for it to jog other peoples memories ,but they won't find them on a Colour Me Pop thread will they ? Or maybe they will!
I can appreciate your dilemma - having to choose between all these fantastic musicians and performances(I am not envious )! You are so lucky having the right age, and being in the right place at the right time.

Thank you for answering my questions. Did you really see FM and BB King? I wish there were audios (and films too) of those concerts.

We would LOVE to have you post all your memories. Great idea with the new thread and the idea of copying them onto the new thread.
No wonder "the teens" are also called the formative years: important experiences, sight, sound and smell seems to make a lasting impression as they have with you. Fantastic!

Ms Moose
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Old 02-15-2011, 12:36 PM
horjus29 horjus29 is offline
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Default lost bbc sessions


always been a great fan of the peter green perios fleetwood mac, esp 67/68
i.m a new member and i look to complete my fm bbc recordings for i believe some people just sit on those trax and wont share wich is a bad thing. I owe a lot of recordings , official cds, boots, even tapes but i still lack a lot,

You look like a guy who reallly digs Peter too and so you or other members you know of will perhaps be happy to trade rare bbc recordings with me.

my question for you is if you know( or maby you owe them) any tapes of the lost bbc sessions with eddie boyd and the ones with christine perfect and some solo fm, all sessions from 68: songs : the stroller, blue coat man , wine whiskey woman , if you be my baby en crazy for my baby, baby dont you want to go , hard hearted woman and crzy about my baby.

Also from later shows 70 : you ll be mine , roll along blues , hot rodding , new worried blues all 17/3 ,leaving her blues 27/4/70 and a fine set of 3 tracks : all over again ,talk with you and just want to tell you ( these seem to be from 14/5 69!!)

And at last some early bbc sessions off shoots : worried dreams !!!!!!!!!!!! 9/4 68
: a fool nomore , there one on the official 2 cd but are two takes from november 67 !!!!!

they never show up on bbc cdrs or boots or whatever and i should love those missing tracks to complete the beeb sessions

Hope you can put me in contact with the ones in the forum who dig and have most of the bbc sessions, i hope you will contribute too

kind regards


Originally Posted by slipkid View Post
There was a performance on this show shown in color (American spelling) on BBC TV during the summer of 1968. "Lazy Poker Blues", and "Love That Burns" were played live on TV. The audio of those recordings are the alternate versions from "Jumping At Shadows", and "The Vaudeville Years". The audio of those recordings are poor, which means it's second+ gen recording. Where is the video?

I went to "" (a website devoted to lost video, and audio material), and discovered that the show "Colour Me Pop" is in high demand for the videos that still exist of bands from the late 60's. Many claim that the BBC erased their footage right after broadcast, yet someone responded that two years later when Peter Green left the band, the BBC showed this footage in tribute to his departure.

To make this footage more rare, Peter Green is playing his Fender Stratocaster. It doesn't matter the guitar, the tone is amazing!
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