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Old 04-12-2018, 09:07 PM
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Originally Posted by secondhandchain View Post
Why on earth would you want to spend so much money on a fake FM? It's going to have ZERO magic and Lindsey's ghost will be haunting the stage. I went to the 87 show? They sounded FINE, but zero magic. Never again.
The people that go to these shows will have plenty of time to grab beers and go to the bathroom. The band will start pulling stuff out of the trunk that none of Stevie's fans (let's face, thats what they are banking on here) have heard and that will have people running for the beer lines. It's the same thing that happened on Stevie's recent solo tour. The folks that only knew her from FM were like "WTF is this?" I am saying this as a huge fan of Stevie (in the band and solo) . I saw her 4 times in the recent tour. The FM crowd was scratching their heads. I found it amusing, but this is a much more expensive undertaking and limited/no time to remedy the situation
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Old 04-12-2018, 10:16 PM
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I was talking to a coworker today as we were waiting on the food truck to arrive. He is an avid concert goer. He even saw BuckMcVie last year. I asked him if he would still go to a FWM show. He said yes because the other two have good songs and that they have most of the hits.
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Old 04-13-2018, 08:28 AM
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Running Through The Garden
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