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Old 04-23-2018, 04:10 PM
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Default 21 years of wasted time

Hope this is in the right forum. As it's pretty critical of activities from 1997 until recent developments I'd like to think so.

So here we are again.

Once again a certain guitarist ahs left Fleetwood Mac under a cloud.

Once again Mick (presumably) is saying that the band has always been about the variety that different musicians bring.

It's like 1988-90 all over again. I was like a kid on Christmas Day when Behind the Mask came out and was gutted when I heard that the line-up had collapsed a few months later.

Then five years of not quite knowing who was in or out (a photo without Billy, a World Cup gig without Chris) before the rather insubstantial Time album hit the shelves.

Then woo-hoo Rumours line-up reformed and happy days are here again.

Then Chris quits.

Then Say You Will - which to my mind is second only to BTM in terms of their post-Rumours output.

Then Lindsey wants to do two solo albums, one acoustic one electric (fair enough, get that off his bucket list).

Then Stevie won't make an album without another woman in the band (and Lindsey vetoes the Sheryl Crow idea).

Then a pointless tour with neither Chris nor new material to make me want to part with cash.

Then Stevie wants to make an album with Dave Stewart and Mick, who plays drums on most of it, expresses his frustration (and Lindsey has no choice but to cut Seeds We Sow).

Then a glorified EP which was 75% Lindsey and one track of which only featured him.

Then woo-hoo Chris is back and happy days are here again... again!

Then Stevie says she's already committed to recording her 24 Karat project.

Then a tour which basically just proves there'd be too many classics in the set to fit anything new in even if they'd recorded any.

Then what was meant to be the new album gets credited to Buckingham McVie cos Stevie didn't want to do it even with Chris back in the band.

And now they finally give Lindsey the boot and get two other guys in (one of whom happens to be one of my favourite songwriters).

All this really proves is that for the most part, reforming the Rumours line-up, and certainly trying to keep the band going as a creative unit with both Buckingham AND Nicks present was little more than A COLOSSAL WASTE OF TIME!!!!!

And now they're all in their seventies apart from the new boys so it's probably not reasonable to expect anything new.

Deep Purple had their post-reunion dramas too but at least they could usually supply us with an album every three years or so and could work out when two people just weren't going to be able to work together anymore.
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