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Old 04-22-2015, 10:29 AM
lazy poker lazy poker is offline
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Default fleetwood mac on "beat-club"

as this crept up recently in a thread where it doesn't belong at all, i thought i'd better post a new one, because i couldn't keep from shattering my brain on this topic.

the mac's appearances on the german "beat-club" programme are limited to 2 shows, all in all. show #43 (broadcast on june 7th 1969 in b&w) features them miming to "man of the world". 2 years on they played "dragonfly" live during show #68 (broadcast on june 25th 1971), this time in colour. but there are outtakes of 2 more songs from this very show, not broadcast at the time. one of them is a rendition of "lay it all down", which is listed under the title "moses". but the real mystery to me (no pun intended) is a song called "danny e minor". well, this doesn't seem to be a genuine song title at all - at least not one that i'd ever heard of. and as there are quite a lot of songs miscredited in the "beat-club" archives, i'm curious to find out what actual song is hidden behind that title. sadly it can't be found on youtube.

so, if some of you might be in the know about this - WOSSITALLABOUT? and does anybody know if this footage can be seen somewhere?
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Old 11-07-2017, 06:50 AM
lazy poker lazy poker is offline
Addicted Ledgie
Join Date: May 2014
Location: Lahr (Germany)
Posts: 286

. . . trying to revive this old thread somewhat anew:

as obviously NOBODY in this like minded circle could provide any kind of guess-work (let alone "knowledge") on this mystery matter, i certainly kept thinking about it . . . and came up with a bold thought: i assume the track in question probably being an early mistitled version of "danny's chant".

first of all "danny's chant" is the only time that danny's name appears in a song title, as far as i know. second thing is that song is actually in the key of e - although not minor. but i'm not too sure if the archivists at radio bremen (the broadcasting tv company) were/are capable of telling minor from major. on the other hand: as it's not possible to judge by the footage (yet) - who knows, maybe the song in it's infancy actually was in a minor key at the time?! i don't know if there is any sort of "work-in-progress" stuff of the mac in that time frame in circulation to maybe verify this thesis . . .

anyway, it's just a thought, and as to this day the footage in question still hasn't escaped the vaults this all keeps being guess-work. so comments, supplementings and objections are warmly welcome!
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Old 11-14-2017, 10:13 AM
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aleuzzi aleuzzi is offline
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"Danny's Chant" is the first thing I thought of, too. Is it in E-minor?
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