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Old 02-24-2003, 10:49 PM
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Default Jazz Cafe, London, 24th Feb. 2003

I had the pleasure of seeing the man himself tonight at the Jazz Cafe, on the night of the release of the new album. A lot of songs from the new album were played. All I can! 2 hours of non-stop magic. I saw them last year at the same venue and thought they were awesome then aswell, but tonight was perfect. Nigel Watson is one of the best blues guitarists I've ever seen live, the man's confidence is amazing. However, I have never, and don't think I ever will, see somebody so naturally musical as Peter Green. Nigel performed well over 50% of the charged solos, but all Peter had to do was play one bend to get the attention of everyone in the entire audience. It's amazing, after 35 years, and having been through hell and back, his tone is identical to how it was all those years ago. It's so true that "signature tone" really does come from the hands and the soul, and nothing else. The whole band was on fire all night, but Pete Stroud's bass part during the huge jam at the end of "Real World" was mindblowing...anyone who's going to see this show look out for it, because it's easy to miss if you've got your eyes and ears stuck on Peter and Nigel. It will be impossible to miss Larry Tolfree's mini drum solo towards the end of the same song!

Quote of the evening: Peter Green (as he was introducing "Green Manalishi"): "This last a song from many years the Fleetwood (Lots of cheers and claps from the audience.) I thought I'd mention their name....(more cheers, then almost under his breath and with a really cheeky smile) because at least somebody should nowadays." (Audience burst out laughing!)

Song of the evening: Black Magic Woman...I felt like smiling, dancing, screaming, laughing as they were playing it. Nigel's take on that middle solo is just AMAZING. It was the highlight of the entire show for me. Dare I say it sounded even better than any of the Fleetwood Mac live versions....! I think I slightly scared him when he played that famous opening chord to the song...I shouted "YEAAA!!!" at the top of my voice! I was standing about a foot or two in front of him and Peter so he heard me and gave me this slightly shocked look which almost immediately turned into that bubbly smile of his!

The set list was:

Hitch Hiking Woman
Sweet Home Chicago
Dead Shrimps Blues
Can You Tell Me Why
Little Queen Of Spades
Hell Hound On My Trail

10 minute break

I Believe My Time Ain't Long
Running After You
Little Red Rooster
Nothing Gonna Change
Shadow At My Door
Must Be A Fool
The Stumble
Cool Down
Man Of The World (Instrumental)
Dangerous Man
Need Your Love So Bad
Real World
The Green Manalishi

Encore: Black Magic Woman

Big big shame they didn't play "Oh Well"...I was really disappointed that they still haven't made it a member of the their setlist, but the rest of the music was so good it (almost) made up for it!

I asked the guitar tech at the end of the show if I could have the setlist and he took off the one stuck on Nigel's monitor and gave it to me; it was at the end of the show so it was the 2nd half list.

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Old 02-24-2003, 11:00 PM
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And just for's the ticket stub! I really wanted to get them to sign it but they never hang around afterwards at the Jazz Cafe...they go up the stairs that connects to the stage, and don't return to the bar. I could have quite easily got Nigel to sign it at some point during the evening but it was his co-guitarist's autograph that I really wanted!

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Old 02-25-2003, 10:24 AM
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Thanks for sharing seteca! You wrote a very good review.

Sounds like it was the perfect show. I'm glad that they are putting some different Robert Johnson stuff into the mix. A great list of songs for a show.

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Old 03-03-2003, 05:44 PM
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Seteca, that was lovely. Thanks so much.

You know, they were here in Vancouver a few years ago (although I don't know if it was the same show). I didn't go because I wasn't as aware of their music as I am now.

I may kick myself for the rest of my days.

Don't suppose they're coming back to North America?

Thanks again for posting.
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