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Old 12-10-2018, 03:54 PM
Hawkeye Hawkeye is offline
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Originally Posted by mitzo View Post
Wow, you had YouTube in 1988!?
If anyone would’ve somehow, it would’ve been David.
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Old 01-09-2019, 04:30 PM
AliceLover AliceLover is offline
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I see the youtube videos pop up on various social media outlets and apps and I just get so depressed.

I am a huge Stevie, Lindsey, and Fleetwood Mac fan. Nothing was better than the 2014 announcement that all 5 would be back together. I never thought I would see the day. To go from THAT to THIS, is just so sad.

No disrespect to Neil or Mike, they are both excellent musicians and guitarists, but they just don't seem to fit. Not a fault of their own, Lindsey just had a presence (and more importantly, a SOUND) that cannot be replicated.

Besides the whole feud with mom and dad, I was actually disappointed in Stevie's set list choices for this tour. She's ALWAYS been good about adding at least ONE never played deep cut on a Mac tour. I was surprised when we didn't see ANGEL or CRYSTAL in the opening night set list. Storms is absolutely beautiful, but its been done. If you've been around as long as I, you know that once a Mac/Stevie tour starts it goes on for YEARS and the set list never budges. I understand the importance of a PETTY song to Stevie, but I selfishly was hoping for another deep cut Stevie soon. The blues stuff never really appealed to me. Isn't it Midnight was a THRILLING addition, infact, was the only song I was looking forward to hearing in March, but they've already replaced it.

Christine looks BEAUTIFUL and I love the idea of having her back again, but lets be honest, she is STRUGGLING vocally on this tour. I love her songs, but she seems so strained.

I won't lie, I do have a ticket for March in the fifth row, I will go, and I will have fun. But this is certainly bittersweet. I'm still not happy about it.

Some days, I wish the tour to be over so they can all move onto other things. Stevie's last tour was by far my favorite since Enchanted. I adored it. Lindsey's last solo tour was by far the best he's ever done as well. They're both better solo these days. Ever since the Dance, the solo shows have always been better (in my opinion).

Like Lindsey has said, I hate for this to be the last link of the chain. To end on such a sour note. I do hope that SnL repair get over this. It would be sacriledge to think that the infamous Buckingham Nicks show would NEVER happen. For whatever reason, I always pictured them going out the way they came in, together as Buckingham Nicks.
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Old 01-09-2019, 05:34 PM
jbrownsjr jbrownsjr is offline
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Alicelover, I hope you are as surprised as I was. I saw them in Los Angeles and Christine sounded a lot better than the youtbube's. And she was smoking the keyboards on the tv screen. The video screens were much better this tour.

Stevie's Gypsy was so bad I was cringing, and then magically she got better as the show how went on. Her GDW was crazy good. (Her dance does look a little contrived and ridiculous, however.).

The band themselves were rocking very intensely. Neil is the only person that was perfectly in tune the whole evening. That guy can really sing. Mike should never sing, but I think Oh Well might be the best version I've ever heard.

And with the exception of Stevie bellowing Black Magic Women, that song blew me away. The band sounded fantastic and seemed to be energized by the new songs.

It was some old staple songs that were still boring. And I did miss Lindsey's style and energy. What I don't miss from LB is processed guitar. Mike is playing the right voicings for most of the songs. He's an excellent guitarist. And as far as I"m concerned, his talents have been wasted on TP and the heartbreaker songs. I see him as a much more progressive talent.
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