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Old 02-08-2021, 09:20 AM
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Default Two interviews with R Langhans

Hi,I don't know if this was posted before,so ...

In German

with Peter's son

PS Just read in a newspaper that R Langhans seems to be terminally ill of prostata cancer.

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Old 02-08-2021, 02:42 PM
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. . . i don't think anyone had pointed out these two interviews here on the board before (or i missed out on it), so thanks a million, k-h!

it's true that rainer fell ill with prostate cancer and according to his own words is preparing to die in the not too distant future. so i guess these might well be the last words on this matter from someone who was definitely there at the time.

the most interesting thing to me is that liam took the initiative to get in contact with rainer to question him. there seem to have been some understanding problems, though - maybe the line wasn't very good or rainer's english knowledges aren't too sophisticated.

another thing is that to this day i've never heard a single word from uschi obermaier concerning this. afaik she was the original driving force to invite peter to the premises. first of all peter was another link in the chain of rock stars she tried (and mostly succeeded) to shag (like hendrix, jagger, richards etc.). and then there were those plans to organize concerts with these people to make money with - which in the end never happened. but keeping in mind that uschi never really was a particularly reliable interviewee, there's probably not too much missing.

anyway - thanks again for drawing the attention to both these q&a sessions, k-h!
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Old 02-08-2021, 03:11 PM
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Wow, that was really interesting. I'm still not entirely sure what to believe- I think the different version of events have been distorted over time. I'm sure Mick and John's assertions have developed and elevated events into the mythical, pivotal story that's now told. It sounds as if Peter did LSD numerous times in the weeks after Munich. Any one of those occasions could have been a trigger (it surely wasn't his first time either).

I'm still not sure whether anyone other than Peter and Dennis Keane ever went there. Interesting at one point Langhans says they took him back to his hotel in Munich afterwards but later he can't recall how they took him back. Perhaps Mick, John, Jeremy and Danny really did visit later and took them back????
...and I'm not convinced with how Danny has conveniently been lumped in with the story. I'd prefer to believe he always had mental health issues (or traits that could develop into mental health problems) that were exacerbated by fame and songwriting pressures. Everything I've ever read suggests he was always introverted, emotional, moody and fragile.

Also, I'm not convinced by Langhan's account of how they happened to meet Peter at the airport. That didn't quite ring true.

Sadly I fear Liam may never acquire the truth he's looking for but I'm really happy for him that he was able to secure this meeting. I get the impression most of the avenues he's been down for unlocking his/Peter's past have come to dead-ends. It's sad but predictable to hear Mick has not responded or reached out to him. Whilst he's busy honouring Peter's legacy, he has no interest in making contact with his long lost son. That's very frustrating.

'Where words fail, music speaks'
Mick Fleetwood
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Old 02-09-2021, 09:28 AM
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Sorry, I didn't want to open that can of worms again ......

Although Langhans was associated in the 60s with Dieter Kunzelmann, a radical antisemit who planted a bomb in a Jewish resting homen in Berlin (which fortunatelly did not explode), I don't think that it was antisemitism to invite PG to that castle in Kronwinkl, Lower Bavaria. Nor that the Baader Meinhof gang wanted to hijack PG, leave alone any secret service in the world.

The Highfish /Haifisch (Hai is German for shark) wanted to get in contact with the Stones via PG.

As the state of PG is concerned, it was reported that he took a lot of trips beginning with the first tour in the USA in 68. He changed a lot, listen to the music, watch the pictures (robes and cross on the chest).

Maybe Kronwinkl was just the point where he ran off the rails.

Kronwinkl map!4d12.0420598
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Old 02-09-2021, 11:51 AM
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Obermaier moved from Topanga CA to Portugal.
Maybe Jagger visits her every now and then to get a leg over for old times sake

Those fatal German Uschis

Then Obermaier, now von der Leyen, called "Flintenuschi" (Shotgun-Uschi) because she was defense secretary
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Old 02-12-2021, 10:25 AM
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Default Not Necessarily Stoned, but Beautiful: Hippies of the 60s and Beyond

Uschi Obermaier and Rainer Langhans as young (+pictures)

Sugar Mama:

A fairly recent version of PG’s life in fast-forward - The myth of “The Munchen Incident” still stubbornly stays with it.

"The Life of Peter Green - If Guitars Could Speak..."

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