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Old 08-14-2002, 01:24 AM
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Thumbs down Kiln House

This is the thinnest album of the pre Rumours FM in my opinion but I just got it on CD recently, but the Christine Perfect cover art and Jewel Eyed Judy are worth the price although the art is nicer large sized on the album, still I think of Jeremy Spencer as an odd kind of mimic really and just can't get into his stuff. I think this should be the last album to get ahold of. Can you imagine that after this there were five albums in four years and the Rumours line up took 12 years to hit reach five?

I'd like to see the old stuff rereleased with extra tracks if possible, I had to get two regular album titles from Germany for CDs.

Hey, finally can post here, thankee.
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Old 08-14-2002, 02:05 AM
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I thought that, too, for a while...but, it's definitely grown on me over the years. I would think that you'd have to understand the original genre and original songs that Jeremy parodied to really appreciate his tunes...just like "Weird Al" is only funny if you know the original versions of the songs he's parodying. Otherwise, they're just stupid songs.

"This Is The Rock"...great Gene Vincent type tune, almost can sing "Be-Bop-A-Lula" along with it...Billy Burnette should've done this one during the "Behind The Mask" tour!

"Station Man"...for the most part, Danny Kirwan's signature tune; lasted in the concert set until late in the Rumours tour.

"Blood On The Floor"...hilarious lyrics, perfect "hick" sound

"Hi Ho Silver"...another old blues/rocker that Billy could've done a great job with updating during his tenure in the band. (well, in fact Billy DID cover this one on his 1980 solo album...using it's alternate title, "Honey Hush")

"Jewel Eyed Judy"...a foresight into what to expect from Danny on subsequent albums. Would've fit seamlessly on "Bare Trees". This one was played on the "Heroes Are Hard To Find" tour.

"Buddy's Song"...a Jeremy Spencer parody of Class "A" variety; take "Peggy Sue" and made the lyrics up from Buddy Holly song titles all the way through, then give songwriting credit to Buddy Holly's mom..."Weird Al" Yankovic should be so good.

"Earl Gray"...a Danny Kirwan instrumental that had been in development stages since prior to "Then Play On" (only under the title of "Farewell")

"One Together"...didn't like this song for a long time, then one day out of the blue, I kinda liked it.

"Tell Me All The Things You Do"...Danny's attempt to keep the Peter Green vibe alive...was done as an encore tune on the Rumours tour.

"Misson Bell" almost verbatim cover of the 1958 hit by Donnie Brooks.
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Old 08-14-2002, 12:43 PM
This message has been deleted by thewhitewingedd.
Old 08-14-2002, 01:49 PM
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I have Billy Riley, Johnny Burnette, Vincent and Holly stuff around and love listening to it, and doo wop is always around too. I guess it's just a matter of taste, it's not like Peter Green (or John Mayal or Alexis Korner or Led Zep or the Stones or whoever) made fun or exaggerated his influences, I wouldn't have like that either. Half of Kiln House I just will never listen to again and avoid. The Elmore James mimicry I can take a bit better. To me Spencer is kind of glorified impersonator on the early albums, no wonder he couldn't carry the load of contributing, he basically ran out of things to imitate or make fun of. I think originality is more clever but I tend to dislike cover tunes that aren't really adding anything new anyway, just as I thought that cover of the hit For Your Love was pretty pointless and Mission Bell as well. Better to take something that was not working and make it work or do a distinctively different version. I like the early Fleetwood Mac blues stuff which is original by Green and Kirwan and skip the covers. If it were up to people like Spencer was when he was young I suspect we will only ever have imitations like with all the boy or girl pop bands and continual grungey muck you can't tell apart but know they are angry in the suburbs about something.
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