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Old 09-27-2017, 04:04 PM
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Originally Posted by MikeInNV View Post
I guess I'm somewhat surprised to read this after your comments about Talk to Me, Everyday, and the like. I would think you would find the TimeSpace tunes equally bland and generic, with lyrics not even remotely resembling something Stevie would write herself.
I would not call her 3 songs on Timespace bland at all. Desert Angel is really a first for Stevie and she is practically yelling at the end of it. Her story would be very hard to put to music but I think it was done well and it needed to be released in the summer of 1991. Its not a pop song with a catchy chorus. I love that. Its written from the heart and I love her songs like this. Sometimes a Bitch was so provocative that Stevie almost refused to sing it. Hardly bland at all. I think it was an accurate song about Stevie's life but it almost was a premonition of what was to become of her life. So in some spooky way it really hit home. Even if someone does not care for the song (and there are many), I would hardly call it a bland song. I did not say RAL was bland. Stevie was full of passion it just was mostly directed in the wrong way. I just HATED when rock stars of the 60s and 80s embraced the drum machines and synth pop of the mid 80s just to be in the brief "moment." Its a sell out if you ask me. In 1989 Stevie was on Rockline promoting OSOTM and she said one of the worst things anyone ever said to her was when Tom Petty called her a "pop star" during the RAL era. She loves Tom but she said she felt like running across the room to escape that name because that label was something she really dreaded.
I do like Love is a hard game to play. After awhile the song catches you. I think its a well written song and one of the few songs she performs that is written by someone else that I actually like.
This is all just my opinion but I don't think you can compare Everyday or Talk To Me to anything of the new songs on Timespace.
I see Timespace as a brief moment before her lights went out. I saw her live in 1989 and she was a zombie, never moving or saying anything on stage. In 1990 she was still zonked out but having fun. When I saw her in 1991 she was talking like a valley girl again on stage and she really was having fun on stage. There are bad shows during Timespace but I saw a good one. I was shocked that she did not do Desert Angel during that tour. The gulf war had just ended and it was a tremendous moment around the country. Everything was red, white, and blue.
The sad part of the Timespace era is she could not write songs anymore and the record company executives made her do some of these songs to boost her failing (at this time) record career. It did not work very well but I have always said that Sometimes its a bitch would have been a huge single if it was released in 1988 instead of 1991. By 1991 Jon Bon Jovi's limelight was not shining like it once was. During the late 80s everything he touched went right to big hits... Cinderella, Cher, etc. In addition by 1991 MTV was dying and they hardly if ever played he video from Timespace. However I think Stevie put up a good fight to the record company not to call it Greatest Hits and was able to put some of her favorite songs on it like Beauty and the Beast and HAEWAFY, etc. I would take this anyday compared to what could have happened. Can you imagine some really cheezy pop hit So this era could have been much worse.

Still I believe.....BACKSTABBING AND BETRAYAL will show us how

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