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Old 07-05-2017, 05:15 PM
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Originally Posted by mylittledemon View Post
I for one still want one last album from the re-united Rumours line up. I'd rather have that than see them tour again.
Same. I'm one of the folks on here who lean Team Stevie but as other Stevie folks have said, I'm flipping miffed about howthings have gone these last several years and with the Buckingham McVie album that so could've should've been a full fledged FM album. Breaks my heart.

I'm one of the oddballs who loved SYW and the way I see things in general from that album, their individual solo stuff, B/M, how strong their last few tours were etc, they all are at the top of their game and I think a final Mac album would be phenomenal. I was kind of not in love with Stevie's last album because songs like The Dealer were missing the rest of the band to my ear and having heard demos and all. Such a shame all around. I've always found FM to be such an interesting band too because how many other bands have three very distinct leads who each really have their own style? I don't always absolutely love every song and I think Lindsey, Stevie, and Christine all have their strengths and weaknesses (personally I sometimes struggle with some of Christine's stuff because it's often so light while both Stevie and Lindsey seem to have a lot of darker work and I guess that darkness appeals to me personally? If that makes sense. 100% a personal preference thing for sure). But there is just absolutely something magical about when these five people all come together. I mean, to me The Chain really illustrates that in particular since they were all involved in that one and you can hear that and it truly is something special. I suppose it's chemistry and talent but magic really is the best word I know for it. I want to hear the magic in one last studio recorded album. So bad.
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