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Old 07-20-2013, 12:21 AM
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Default London's Royal Philharmonic Does Rumours

London’s Royal Philharmonic Scores Fleetwood Mac’s Classic Album Rumours
With Guest Appearance By Peter Frampton

Los Angeles, CA – One of the world’s most storied and esteemed orchestras, The Royal Philharmonic, continues its bold, symphonic reinterpretations of contemporary rock music, this time revisiting the ‘70s melodic rock favorite Rumours by Fleetwood Mac in its entirety.

Recorded at the historic Abbey Road studios, this release marks the first time the RPO have taken on an entire album, from opening note to closing refrain. The roughly 50+ musicians who comprise the orchestra were aided in their
quest by the guiding hands of arrangers James Graydon and Richard Cottle as well as very special guest appearances by the legendary Peter Frampton and steel guitarist Sarah Jory!

The RPO couldn’t have selected a better album to recreate. Released in 1977 and considered the high water mark not only of Fleetwood Mac’s extraordinary career but of ‘70s rock in general, Rumours produced a string of hits including “Go Your Own Way,” “Don’t Stop,” “The Chain,” and “Gold Dust Woman.” Graydon comments, “Rumours was such an important album in terms of both songwriting and production. Although we were mindful of the fact that these songs are very well known, we decided to approach the arrangements from a slightly different perspective to make it work in the orchestral world.” Executive producer Anthony Klein remarks, “It was a privilege
to work with the Royal Philharmonic, and to have them play and record those classic songs in such an iconic room as Studio 2 at Abbey Road made the whole project even more epic. We now have a fantastic album and hope that it will appeal to all generations.”

Experience this classic album like you’ve never experienced it before!

1. Second Hand News
2. Dreams
3. Never Going Back Again
4. Don’t Stop
5. Go Your Own Way
6. Songbird
7. The Chain
8. You Make Loving Fun
9. I Don’t Want To Know
10. Oh Daddy
11. Gold Dust Woman feat. Peter Frampton

For Further Information:

The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra official website:

To purchase 'The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Plays Fleetwood Mac's Rumours':
Download the album on iTunes:
Order the CD on Amazon:
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Old 11-08-2016, 02:43 PM
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Default Fleetwood Mac's Rumours to be recreated by hard-working musicians

Fleetwood Mac's Rumours to be recreated by hard-working musicians
It’s a Fact! Rumours set to rock Georgian Theatre

This may be second-hand news, but the Fleetwood Mac album “Rumours” remains among the top-10 selling pop platters of all time.

Since its release in 1977, the album has sold 27.9 million copies, putting it right up there with the likes of “Dark Side of the Moon” by Pink Floyd, “Back in Black” by AC/DC, and the Greatest Hits compilation by the Eagles (none of the above, by the way, is threatening to touch “Thriller” by Michael Jackson, comfortably ensconced at number-one, with 46 million sold).

To Craig Martin, whose musicians are presenting “Rumours” among their “Classic Albums” series Thursday, November 10 at Georgian College, the album’s appeal is as clear as Stevie Nicks’ crystal vision.

“It’s the perfect record,” Martin tells BarrieToday. “It has stood the test of time, with the attention to detail, the lush, complex, beautiful vocals, and the soul-open songwriting, conveying all the pain and chaos going on the lives of these people.”

“It appeals to parents, grandparents, and their kids; all those generations.”

Indeed, tracks on the album were largely autobiographical, touching on the pain of Nicks’ break-up to guitarist Lindsey Buckingham on “Dreams,” “Go Your Own Way,” “The Chain,” and “Gold Dust Woman.” Keyboardist Christine Perfect McVie was also parting ways at the time with bass player, husband John McVie, leaving drummer Mick Fleetwood to try to keep a lid on a very volatile situation.

With this superb quality of songs, Martin says, it takes a corps of singers and musicians who respect the purity of the original and work hard to bring it across accurately.

“There’s nobody pretending to be members of Fleetwood Mac,” he stresses, “We do the songs note for note, cut for cut, with four female singers, two male singers, three guitar players and a great modern day orchestra."

“We’re nameless, hard-working musicians, whose job is to curate the music,”he said, noting the band tries to give it the historical place it deserves. “We’re not a cover band, because these guys just come in and ruin everything.”

After running through the best of “Rumours,” the musicians don’t stop, they just take an intermission, then return to the stage to play more of 'The Mac’s' greatest hits from previous and subsequent years (“Fleetwood Mac,” “Tango in the Night,” “Tusk”) for a solid two hours of classic music.

The Classic Albums Live tour hits Georgian Theatre on Thursday, November 10 with “Rumours”. “It’s a great room,” says Martin.

Find more information about the series here.
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Old 04-24-2018, 05:48 AM
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Philharmonic plans to bring it down with two-night “Landslide” Fleetwood Mac tribute

One day in 1974, 25 year-old Stevie Nicks sat in a friend’s living room in Aspen, Colorado gazing upon the Rocky Mountain scenery outside the windows and pondering how everything had come crashing down on her and Lindsey Buckingham, her musical and romantic partner.

The folk duo Buckingham Nicks had recently been dropped by their record label after their first album was a commercial failure, which had caused tensions in their relationship and led her to consider returning to school and a career change. It was in this uncertain mindset that she wrote the fragile and resigned lyrics to the song “Landslide.”

Little did she know at the time that within the same year the two would join a Los Angeles-based band searching for a new guitarist, and that the song would appear on an album which would forever change the trajectory of the band — and arguably the future of Pop music.

More than four decades later — on Friday and Saturday, May 4-5, at 7:30 p.m. — the Colorado Springs Philharmonic led by conductor Thomas Wilson will combine forces with another Rock band of Los Angeles-based musicians to perform “Landslide: The Music of Fleetwood Mac.”

When asked what audience members can expect to witness, the Philharmonic's president and CEO Nathan Newbrough details an elaborate stage production, “They’re going to get the full Rock n’ Roll experience. They’re going to get the lights, the sound and the haze. What we’re getting here are top performers and the energy onstage will be unforgettable.”

Not that it’s surprising the music of Fleetwood Mac would be a good choice to receive the orchestral treatment. Advancements in recording technology by the 1970s had allowed for studio wizardry before unheard of, and recording engineers took full advantage by layering multiple recorded tracks to create a full, multidimensional listening experience.

Newbrough says, “When you think of the music of Fleetwood Mac, it’s practically orchestral already, because it’s so intricate; the harmonies are so close and it’s so complex … but it has to be the right band.” He continues, “This kind of show doesn’t work with just any Rock n’ Roll band. It has to be a band that will work within a symphony orchestra environment.”

When asked if pairing an orchestra with a Rock band creates any obstacles during rehearsals, Newbrough says, “There are no hurdles, because everyone there is an absolute pro … it takes one rehearsal to put it together, and it’s solid. It’s so much fun, because everything is really, really polished.”

The Rock band performing with the Philharmonic features guitarist Dan Kalisher, keyboardist Steve Ferlazzo, bassist/vocalist Jennifer Jo Oberle, and vocalist Alisha Zalkin. They are all highly accomplished musicians with diverse professional backgrounds, and most of them have played with or supported internationally recognizable big-name acts. When asked if they will be recreating any of the well-known Buckingham/Nicks stage dramatics, Newbrough laughs, “They’re not trying to be Buckingham/Nicks. They’re not putting on wigs or makeup … it’s not a parody show. It’s a tribute to this amazing music. The energy coming from the stage in this kind of experience is fantastic.”

Does Philharmonic conductor Thomas Wilson himself like the music of Fleetwood Mac? “Absolutely!” exclaims Newbrough. “It’s interesting to see him work with a Rock band, because they’re really relying on each other. Sometimes (the orchestra) are just accompanying the Rock musicians, sometimes it’s the other way around. For people watching really closely, it’ll be very interesting to see the two play off each other.”

It should also not go unnoticed that this performance is a part of the “Philharmonic Cares” partnership the orchestra maintains throughout the season with support from UC Health-Memorial Hospital. Says Newbrough, “We set tickets aside for caregivers and first response workers in our community. We have 25 different partner organizations from hospice to the police and fire departments. These people have tough jobs — this is a night out on us.”

As we now know, what was once created by Stevie Nicks as a farewell ode to her music career was really just the beginning. After 44 years as part of a successful touring act, more than 100 million albums sold and her band’s 1998 induction to the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame, the doubts and fears she expressed in the lyrics to “Landslide” remain unfounded. Despite the shaky ground in their personal lives and relationships over the years, Fleetwood Mac created a body of work that remains rock solid.

Newbrough is enthusiastic when he explains how they will recreate the magic captured in those recordings for Colorado Springs audiences. “This is the world’s largest Rock n’ Roll band; that’s what this is … they’re going to get the entire experience, and it’s like nothing else. It’s absolutely indescribable to hear musicians like this play music we love, with a full symphony orchestra. You don’t get this anywhere else. It’s something we deeply enjoy preparing and bringing out to the community.”

To purchase tickets visit, or call 719-520-SHOW.
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