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Originally Posted by Fleetwood Jack View Post
I forgot to mention if you don't mind could you rank them from your absolute favorite from the album to the absolute worst, wouldn't piss on it if it were on fire, from the album.
so nice to see new LB fans like you, AlexD and several others joining the board!

thanks for starting the thread too. i need to do a search, but we had a number of related threads in the past, about each album (possibly?), so might consider resurrecting some of them now? i kinda vaguely remember ranking albums and songs on albums somewhere, but not sure whether it was here or in some FB group.

Law and Order is my least favorite LB solo album (Seeds is my favorite), and there are just a few songs on there that i love, for different reasons. i detest Trouble btw. here's my order from favorite and down the line.

Satisfied Mind
Shadow Of The West
Johnny Stew
That's How We Do It In L.A.
Mary Lee Jones
It Was I
I'll Tell You Now
Love From Here, Love From There
September Song

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