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Rumours tour 77 Melbourne Australia
Rockarena outdoor concert
Front row on Lindsey's side
Cost: i think around $8.00, only had 5 bucks on me so we managed to sneak in just as the Hells Angels arrived.. Free

Unleashed Tour 09 Brisbane Australia
Cost: $360
Technically 4th row, 3rd song in leaning on stage just left from Stevie's mic. I gave her a bunch of flowers, sorry long story!! They were passed through the crowd from somewhere way back, by the time they reached me at the stage they looked like they'd been run over by a bus I was kinda embarrassed to even give them to her, but thought what the heck. Finally at the very end she came over, collected them and said thank you.. The funny thing, when she stood up all the people in the floor seats all started cheering, whistling etc so she realized they had traveled from back there.. she raised them above her head..

2013 show canceled due to J Mc's illness, had 4th row ticket (middle section)

On With The Show 2015? Brisbane 1st and 2nd show.
Crappy seats, end row 7 and 21 needed binoculars never again
Cost: $360 (ripped off with section 21 Rumours package ticket)
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