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Originally Posted by luminol View Post
Anyone go? I live in ATL and had no interest. Fortunately, I was able to see the 2015 Rumours lineup show despite having a newborn and "that's enough for me." No need to see this lineup without LB.

Have they dropped songs this leg? Weren't "Tell me all the things you do," "Isn't it midnight," and "Monday morning" on the set before? Are they getting lazy?? What's that short set about?!

If I paid big money for tickets to see this show and they cut (at least) 3 songs (plus no LB), I would be pretty bitter.
'Isn't It Midnight' was dropped a while ago and replaced with Hold Me. 'Monday Morning' was done on Friday in Chicago and it looks like 'Tell Me All The Things You Do' was dropped after Feb 24th. I agree I would be super pissed! I was very lucky to have heard 'Isn't It Midnight' at the Pittsburgh show but I was salty about them dropping 'Hypnotized' & 'I Got You'.

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