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Originally Posted by dissention
Becuase I think it's crappy. Her vocals are cloying and much too high for my tastes. The screaming at the end is just that, screaming, and it's annoying. And it's not as intense as I'd prefer. Now, The Dance version has much better vocals and much better performance from the band as a whole. And the ending is brilliant, unlike the tepid studio version.
Her vocals at the beginning are pretty (what you're considering cloying) because they're supposed to be... the song starts out gently and reflectively, and then builds to its emotional crescendo.
The ending from the 'Dance' version, where Stevie reprises the first line, is the only thing missing from the album version.

I usually prefer Stevie's latter-day vocals, but this is one case where the original version just can't be topped.

And in my opinion, it belongs on 'Rumours,' and always has.
In fact, it's been included on MY 'Rumours' for over a decade now. I never listen to that album without "Silver Springs."
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