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Originally Posted by Angel75 View Post
Id tend to agree, SN in particular is even more notorious for changing her song interpretations and meanings.

But in this case and to put it so public as in on liner notes I tend to think he is being very genuine and honest here....

Stevie and I had compartmentalised our emotions in order to [get through Rumours], lived in denial. Same with Christine and John. None of us had the luxury of distance to get closure. You get to Tusk and there’s a real aggressive attitude in a lot of the songs from me. But “Save Me A Place” is one where, late at night, you reflect on the vulnerability underneath that. It’s about a feeling that’s been laid off to one side and maybe not been fully dealt with, sadness and a sense of loss. There’s also a sense of loss for my youth and my upbringing; memories of that, which I loved so much, and how I saw that receding away.
while i think that's nicely said, it kinda looks like one of those template stories LB puts together and then picks the song to fit it to. like that speech about "the importance and power of change" that he used for Big Love most recently, and for some other songs on previous tours. the 2 sentences that i highlighted are the only ones that are specific to Tusk songs in general and mention SMAP in particular. all the rest is his more general stuff that looks like he's written to use somewhere in some linear notes.

that said, yeah SMAP can be about either of those 2 women, or both of them, or just some nice lyrics he fit to the music he wrote about someone or no one specific. we know he writes music and arrangement first, and then tries to find some lyrics that might fit.

"kind of weird: a tribute to the dearly departed from a band that can treat its living like trash"

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