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Originally Posted by bwboy View Post
Murrow, if only more posters were like you! I'm serious. You say your piece and make some valid points, all without insulting anyone or saying anything nasty.

Unlike you, I'm glad Stevie is singing on the two songs you mention. I hate it when she leaves the stage while the other members are performing, because it seems disrespectful in a way. The fact that she is singing on those songs shows me she's really invested in the set list. She and Christine could easily leave the stage during Neil's songs (DDIO, YGM, HYP) but they don't and I love it. Although I'm bummed they've dropped Hypnotized, but maybe it'll come back. Regardless, this set list is killer and I'm happy they mixed it up so much.
Oh I've done my fair share of nasty on here in the past (my signature comes close) but I really think there's just too much of it in the camp right now.

One reason I think Gold Dust Woman is the perfect closer to Rumours is because it's not a jab at anyone in the band, it just kind of says "You know what? We're all a bit f***ed off with each other, let's go home."

We'd do well to remember that in the fan community right now.
Reuniting the Rumours line-up just produced 20 years of virtual silence. If Stevie didn't like the heat she should have quit the kitchen.

I know many will disagree - I have no desire to quarrel.

Peace and love everyone
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