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Originally Posted by svnwndrs View Post
"doing that work next year as a band...." says Mick. So does that mean all 5 of them will be recording a new record, or just ANOTHER tour? I'm broke as a joke so I can't see them in concert and would much rather have new music. Sounds crazy but they all should take a break from touring (especially Stevie!) Other than that comment, nothing in this article seems like real news to us fans....
Unfortunately, I think it means another tour without new music. Stevie's made it pretty clear that she doesn't want to spend a year in the studio being unhappy making an album that won't ultimately sell.

And I can't imagine Buckingham McVie coughing up another ten songs between them in so short a time.

But hey, I would LOVE another full-band album, in addition to the duo album we're supposed to be getting. I just want that release date for the duo album firmed up very very soon.
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