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Does anyone have a picture of this Sally girl? I'm curious.

Cheri Caspari and "beautiful" are two very separate words that belong nowhere near each other in any way/shape/form other than this response from me stating how very absurd they are next to one another. She must have been a nice person, or something...that's all I'm going to say.

Kristen? VERY pretty. Even the haters have to admit that. Sometimes I don't recognize her very well, and I admit her face looks a little "tighter" these days, but often times she glows. She's much prettier than any of the women dated after Stevie (especially Anne Heche, I don't care how Hollyweird she is), but more than Stevie is very debatable...I'll leave that to you to decide. I think it could go either way: Kristen has a very typical kind of prettiness and I could probably find about 10 similar-looking types after about 5 minutes in Beverly Hills. But Stevie kind of has a unique look to her. It's cute.

Anyway, LnK really look genuinely happy together. JMO.

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